Want to Save Money this Semester?

I don't know about all of you other students out there, but for me... one of the worst things about the beginning of the semester is buying textbooks....
This last semester I had 4 classes, and spent close to $700 in text books. (I know a number of people who spent even more than that)  Schools have buy back periods and there are textbook stores that will buy your books from you, but I've never gotten more than 50% back from what I originally spent. Which is why I was SUPER excited to learn about Campus Book Rentals!

Renting your textbooks is a great way to save money, and their variety is awesome! Here are some great reasons to use Campus Book Rentals instead of buying this semester:
-By renting you save 40-90% off of your school bookstore prices.
-They offer free shipping both ways
-Even though your renting the book, you can highlight the text.
-The renting periods are flexible.

AND, if you have a bunch of textbooks laying around... you can use their new Rent Back program! In this program you can rent your textbooks out to other students around the country! So you can get 2-4 times the amount that you would have gotten by selling your textbook back to your bookstore, plus you are helping other students save money!

All in all this company is great, you can save money AND make money using their two programs!

But if you need another reason to use Campus Book Rentals.... here it is! The company donates a percentage of each rental to Operation Smile! (A medical charity that provides medical care and surgeries to children around the world born with facial deformities like cleft lip and cleft palate)

So save money, make money, and help those in need this semester. And use Campus Book Rentals!

See how Campus Book Rentals works:

See how Rent Back works:


HL Collection Jewelry

First off, I LOVE monograms. I love having initials on EVERYTHING. I seriously have to stop myself from writing Bennett's name on everything, from embroidering his initials on all his blankets, and all his clothes. It drives Ben crazy! So I was really excited when I got the most adorable Initial Necklace from HL Collection Jewelry. How perfect is a little Gold B for Ben, Bennett, and Boss. My 3 main men :)

HL Collection has the most incredible items in their shop. From statement rings to dainty necklaces, all of her pieces are to die for! (Click the pictures to see the items in her Etsy Shop)

Hilla is the creator of the shop and she is so sweet. Her shop is based out of Israel, and she packages her items in the cutest box and ships very quickly! I was also excited to see some cute stacking rings in the package! 

So, if you are looking for a sweet gift for Christmas or "Just Because", check out the pieces in HL Collection Jewelry. All her pieces range from $15-$59, so there is an option for everyone. Finding such a personalized gift that someone can wear daily, dressed up or down is rare. 
Just in time for the Holidays, Hilla is offering Sew Boss readers 10% off their purchases! Just use the code below! 
Have a great Weekend! 


Paint One On Your Heart

It seems like these past couple months I have just been bombarded with Missionary related things....

My little sister is leaving in 23 days to serve a Full time LDS Mission to Madrid, Spain and I could not be more excited for her. (I might mention that I also could not be more nervous!)
A couple weeks ago Ben and I were asked to give talks in Sacrament Meeting in our new ward, both of us were given topics surrounding Missionary Work.
Tonight I attended my parent's Stake Conference meeting to hear my Mom and Dad speak, as he was recently called to be the Stake President. The whole meeting was focused around Missionary Work.
And last month as I listened to General Conference, every talk seemed to bring Missionary Work to the forefront of my mind.

Long story short... I think Heavenly Father has been trying to get me to notice something... that I need to be more focused on Missionary Work. And who of us doesn't? Everyone who has entered the waters of Baptism accepted a call to be a missionary. But how often do we forget that?
Throughout all of these experiences, I have felt the overwhelming urge to do better at sharing the Gospel. To be more willing to recognize promptings from the Spirit, and to be more readily prepared to feel of that Spirit.
Something that was brought up in tonight's meeting was that we often feel so wonderful and filled when we leave a church meeting or listen to a General Conference talk. We feel energized and a new resolve to do the things the Lord would have us do. But .... we often forget to "start doing". We forget to pick somewhere and make a move. We forget to make our belief into the action word that is "Faith"! This idea hit me hard. So often I ask for my Heavenly Father to show me the way, to direct me to where and what I need to be. . . But I am quick to dismiss promptings, I am slow to act, and I can always think of an excuse as to why it is not the time to take that next step. But I am starting now, and I hope that some of you will too!
The best part of it all, is that we are definitely not alone in this work.

The church has created some awesome resources to help members to share the Gospel and to help those seeking knowledge of the Gospel find what they are looking for.
One of the best resources is Mormon.org. This site is incredible. There is an answer, explanation, and more for every Gospel subject. There are FAQ you can direct investigators too, or even review yourself! I love using this site as a resource for me, and I know it can be a blessing to those who want to know more about the gospel. If you don't know where to start, make a profile on mormon.org, and share it on your FaceBook page or blog, ect... If you need help doing this, please leave a comment and I will be glad to help! You can see my profile Here.
They even have these cute buttons to put on your blog that link back directly to your profile!

One more thing that you can do easily is to use hash tags in your social media posts to link back to the Church. Using social media as a platform for our Faith is an incredible tool. The Church has even put out a list of suggested hash tags in order to, "better organize social media discussions surrounding Mormonism." I love this! You can view the list of suggested hash tags Here.

So can we do it?! I think so! Let me know how you are sharing the Gospel! 
and remember:
"If you're not a full time Missionary, with a Missionary badge pinned to your coat..... Now is the time to paint it on your Heart." -Neil L. Anderson
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