Skin Favorites- Part 1

Summer is almost over! Can you believe it? It is like we were just wearing sweaters and boots yesterday, and it is already time for Fall again! Going into fall, it is always important to make sure you are taking care of your skin so that when we hit the cold, dry, Utah winter you don't have dry, cracked, blistered skin. . . . Nobody likes that. This is the first part of my Skin Favorites feature. Body favorites is up first! So this is what I have been loving lately:

 1. Neutrogena Light Sesame Formula Body Lotion: I LOVE this lotion. I have tried a thousand different body lotions, some much much more expensive, and this is by far the best one I have tried. It keeps your skin soft and moisturized but it is SO light! It definitely does not leave you with that sticky gross feeling some xtra moisturizing body lotions do.Not to mention, hardly any fragrance which always irritates my skin.
2. True Blue Spa Fresh Foaming Body Buff: I have super dry skin, and having a good exfoliating product is so helpful when trying to infuse some life into your skin. This one is great because it doesn't have an overpowering scent. It leaves your skin soft and bright!
3. Dove Go Fresh Revive Body Wash: I love this body wash, it is a fresh clean scent and super moisturizing. It is silky and lathers up super well. It calms my skin after exfoliating and leaves my skin soft all day. Dove products have an insanely good price point!
4. Urban Skintrition Advanced Repair Cream: I cannot say how much I love this product. It is a repair cream for stretch marks, spots, or any uneven coloring on your skin. I didn't get any stretch marks on my stomach which pregnant, but right after I gave birth suddenly I had nice big purples ones on both of my sides! It was not pretty.... haha BUT I randomly found this cream while searching online and I've used it for the last 6 months. All but one of my stretch marks are completely COMPLETELY gone, and the one that is left is super light and getting lighter every week. This is a miracle cream, plus it comes in a coconut scent or fragrance free. I love having that scentless option.  Its about $35 for 4oz, but a little goes a LONG way. and it is on sale on Amazon right now for $25! (P.s. they have a product for Pregnancy care too I wish I would've gotten it while I was pregnant, click here.)



Well July certainly flew right on by didn't it? With finals and work and baby and Etsy orders and finding a new place it has been CRAZY over here. (When isn't it though? I'm sure plenty of you all feel that way too) So needless to say, this little blog has been neglected for a bit. Although it has been crazy, this summer has been fun! We have been able to go on vacation with my family and do fun things with friends. The best part about this summer has been watching Bennett grow! He has been an expert crawler now for awhile, and I can't believe he is almost 7 months! Its insane!

So while you are all finishing up your summer fun I will leave you with a quick outfit post this lovely Friday morning. :) It has been a wonderful mix of cooler/shady days and hot hot hot days this summer, so here is an outfit for both!

Cool Summer outfit:
I love LOVE this top, I got it while I was pregnant and It is just flowy enough to be flattering on a post baby body, but not soo flowy that it looks like you're hiding something. 
Pants: Big Star Sweet Skinny (similar), Undershirt: Shade (similar), Top: Kohls (similar), Shoes: Forever Young (similar), Necklace: Shane Co. Bracelet: Gift from my sister's trip to Italy

Hot Summer Outfit:
This outfit is a Go To for summer! I love shorts that fit great, and a top you can run around it without having to adjust it every 2 seconds. 
Top: BKE (similar), Shorts: Aeropostale, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Old (similar), Undershirt: Down East, Watch: Fossil

Happy Weekend!

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