Summer Fun & Easy Mom Outfit

Wow! These last couple weeks have been intense! The blogging world has taken a back seat to all the craziness and fun. But back to reality we all have to go eventually.
The last couple weekends we have been on vacation, first to St. George to celebrate with a couple good friends for their birthdays and then this weekend to Idaho to see my family for Memorial Day.

Stole this pic from Mariah's blog, Check it out www.fashionbymariah.com, she does THE cutest outfit posts, and lots of other fun stuff!
While in Idaho we were able to visit with family and do Memorial day activities. I LOVE Memorial day, it has become one of my most favorite holidays. I love hearing stories of loved ones who have past and honor those who came before us. It is the best feeling to get to know where you came from. 

Are my 2 guys handsome or what?! These 2 had so much fun together, from playing in the sun to Bennett's first time swimming, HE LOVED IT. It kind of worries me how fearless this boy is. 

We were able to see my Great Grandpa Golightly while we were there, Bennett is his first and only Great Great Grandchild. We are so lucky to have a 5 generation picture. 
Great Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, Grandpa Mike, Mommy, and Bennett
It was the best weekend. 

and here is a quick Mommy outfit to close off today:

Loving EASY outfits lately (heck, when am I not loving easy outfits?!) With summer here, it is easy to think you need to go out and spend tons of money on new clothes. Although that would be a great excuse.... paying for tuition and diapers and all the things life throws at us can get overwhelming. So why not look for great pieces you can wear a bunch of different ways? Basics are awesome for summer! 
Top: Old Navy, (on sale for $12!!) Dolman sleeves are a great option for tshirts that arent tight and unforgiving! LOVING old navy as of late. They have some great GREAT stuff lately for awesome price points. 
Jeans: American Eagle (on sale now)  Who doesn't love a cute crop (plus if your short like me, you can roll them down into skinnies in the fall!)
 Shoes: American Eagle
Watch: Fossil (Are you sick of seeing this watch yet? favorite item forever! Seriously worth the splurge if you wear it like I do almost every day) 
Necklace: Vanity (like 5 years ago)


Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is just around the corner! I don't know about you guys but Mother's Day and Father's Day seems to just creep up on me every year and then I am rushing to figure out what we are going to do. So here are a couple ideas for the mommies in your life!

1. Michael Kors Iphone Wallet Case: LOVING this. Who doesn't love Michael Kors though? Perfect clutch wallet to throw in the diaper bag or purse. Plus, I ALWAYS misplace my phone so having it with my wallet would be extremely helpful to me. 
2. Sonia Kashuk Makeup Bag for Target: Make up bags are a perfect go to for any girl! I'm always looking for a cute, functional make up bag. And I always find cute ones at Target. Awesome for a pencil/pen case too for that student mom!
3. Georgia Steel & White Leather Watch Bracelet-Fossil: OK DYING over the new line at Fossil. These bracelet watches are adorable. They are perfect for stacking bracelets with and can be so feminine and delicate by themselves or dressed down with some wrap leather bracelets. Love it. Plus, I recently misplaced my Rose Gold Fossil :( so I'm watch coveting at the moment.
4. Essie Nail Polish: Another ANYTIME go to. Nail Polish! I love Essie, they have a thousand colors and they are the best formula. This is a great low price point option to put together in a little gift basket or add on to another gift. Put a cute color together in a gift bag with a nail file and something sweet and you have a perfect friend gift or teacher appreciation gift. The two colors pictured are E-nuf is E-nuf (pink) and Big Spender (purple). You can get Essie at any grocery store or department store. I usually pick up colors at Target or Ulta.


Easy Spring Outfit

And here is a quick mom outfit for the week! Loving layering with this whole mom job. That way when the little squirt pukes on something I have layers to take off revealing un-puked-on clothes. haha Happy Friday!

1. Undershirt: Downeast 2. Tshirt: American Eagle 3. Over piece: BKE, Buckle (similar)
4. Jeans: Rock Revival, Buckle (similar) 5. Bracelet: Daytrip (similar), Buckle 6. Pearl Necklace: Swaroski (Ben brought it from Germany) 7. Sandals: Target

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