Stay Happy! & Planner Printable

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These last couple weeks have been crazy. I just keep telling myself that it will be better once finals are over, or it will be better when my cold goes away, or when Ben's new job starts, ect. .  But one thing I have realized is... THERE WILL ALWAYS BE STRESS. And eliminating a stress doesn't prevent a new one from arising. So, I have decided to focus less on a day in the future when everything will be easy, because there is no such day! Instead I want to try and focus on how to make every day more enjoyable regardless of the stress going on in life.
Here are 5 ways to make your life more joyful:

1. Get exercise! At LEAST once a week get some kind of exercise  Whether it is taking a jog, going to the gym, or doing sit ups during the commercials of your favorite show... get moving! I'm not saying you need a structures fitness plan in order to be happy, but it is important to have activity focused on you! So find some kind of physical activity you enjoy and do it! You always ALWAYS feel better after working out, regardless of the intensity. It will give you the energy to keep up with the stresses of life and starting small with something like once a week will help you to work it in to your routine so you can increase the time you spend getting fit!  After all, as Legally Blonde taught us.... "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." :)

2. Pick up at the end of every day! One of my biggest stresses is the cleanliness of our apartment. It is so easy to let things pile up. The 10 outfits I try on every day before leaving for work, dishes, Boss's toys, Homework, craft projects. It can get messy! So I've tried to take 15 minutes at the end of every night and just pick up. You dont have to deep clean everything every day. But taking a few minutes to clean up with help keep on top of it all. So when you do have time to clean, it doesnt take hours and hours. There is no better feeling than going to bed knowing you arent going to wake up and see a pile of laundry first thing in the morning. Not many things can start my day off worse than tripping over a pile of textbooks or not having a clean bowl for my cereal. It is worth the 15 minutes every night. 

3. Declutter your life! This goes along with #2, but I think it deserves its own subject. I'm not talking about just organizing your bookshelves, although that is helpful. I am talking about literally throwing out things you don't need. Emotionally and physically. It is just as important to have an organized mind as it is to have a organized closet. When you feel overwhelmed, make a list of all your obligations, prioritize them, and eliminate a few. I promise taking a few things off your plate will make your life so much easier. You may thing that not accomplishing everything you want to will be disappointing or make you a failure somehow. But it is better to do a few things well than have everything drop because you were trying to do too much. YOU CAN'T DO EVERYTHING. that is the truest and hardest advice I've ever received. But it is work it. 

4. Serve Someone! I don't care who you are, where you come from, or what you believe... Service is a universal way to add joy to your life. It helps you to love yourself and others. It is as simple as opening a door for someone, offering to watch a neighbors kids while they go on a date, or writing a quick note of appreciation. Focus less on your own struggles and stress and take a few minutes to truly focus on helping another, and I promise your stress will seem much much much lighter. 

5. This is the most important but sometimes the hardest thing. SMILE. Smile when you want to cry. Smile when you want to get angry. Smile when you feel like everything is just too much. Smiling at others is important. But we need to remember to smile at ourselves. For one week, try to smile at yourself. In the mirror when you are done brushing your teeth. In the car when you are making your list of things to do that day. Just try and smile at yourself for a few minutes each day. Think of reasons you are smiling. Maybe you were on time for work, maybe you have someone who cares about you, maybe you finished all your homework. whatever the reason, tell yourself why you are smiling and you will find yourself smiling a lot more throughout your daily life. 

To help organize your life, here is a planner page I designed to help me stay on track. Print it out for each day of the week and take some time each morning and night to get ready for the day ahead of you! Click the picture to download. :)
Enjoy and stay happy! 


Basketball Baby Blanket

I've been making football baby blankets for awhile now. I have them on my Etsy store, and I've gotten a lot of requests for different teams. Its been fun to make them.

After having so much fun making the football blankets, I really wanted to try other sports. But the opportunity hadnt ever come up. Until recently! My friend asked me to make a basketball blanket for a family member who is expecting, and although it was interesting trying to figure out how to cut a perfect circle out of minky...I love how it turned out! So the basketball option is now on the Sew Boss etsy shop! I'm excited to try other sports, let me know if any of you would like one! 


Dots While Waiting for Spring!

Well I don't know about everyone else, but I WANT SPRING TO COME! It seems like this Utah weather just can't make up it's mind. But what else is new? I have some fun posts coming this weekend. But for now here is a quick outfit post.
When you want to be fresh and springy but its cold as Christmas outside its hard to decide what to wear. We all just want to break out the capris and short sleeves! But you can try pairing bright pops of color with your layering, that way you keep warm but feel "Springy"!!!
Happy Thursday!

Pants: Big Star frm Buckle (Similar), Tshirt (under) Down East Basics, Top: Kohls, Hoodie: From 9th grade. Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: Fossil (Similar), Necklace: Shop Le Mode (Similar), Shoes: Lucky Brand


Binkie Clip Tutorial

One of the first things I made when I started sewing a few years ago was a binkie clip. (some call them a pacifier leash) It is seriously the easiest, fastest gift and the good thing is that most likely whoever you are making it for wont get a thousand of them. I love not having to worry about washing Bennett's binkie every 10 minutes because he has thrown or dropped it.
Damask Pacifier Clip- Brown & other colors
Fabric Version
Ribbon Version

Ive made 2 versions of the clips, one with fabric and one with Ribbon. The ribbon version is the one in this tutorial, it is much faster and a lot easier to make if you aren't very experienced in sewing. To see the fabric version, click the link to the listing in my Etsy store.

Binkie Clips
Velcro, you can get a long strip from the craft store. You are going to need a piece of each side about .75inx .25in.
Ribbon, The size i use is 7/8 inches, this is just wide enough so that it is sturdy but not bulky.

Suspender clip, you can buy these at the craft store or online. I personally get mine on Etsy (click link to see shop) they are a lot cheaper here and they have cute shapes! You can even get colored ones. The size I get is 1inch.

Step 1. Cut your ribbon 23 inches long, then fold in half with pattern side out (it may help to iron the fold in your ribbon so it stays nice and folded.

Step 2: Sew your Velcro on. The Velcro is going to go on the side with the fold, and it will only be sewn to one side, so the other side will be smooth without stitching. I put the first piece about .25inches from the fold and the other about 2 inches below that. You can measure it by putting the ribbon through the binkie handle to make sure the Velcro is in the right place.  Just sew around the edges and make sure you back stitch so it is nice and secure.

Step 3: Fold the ribbon in half on the crease & Sew straight a straight stitch all the way around the border of the ribbon (through both sides). You do not need to stitch the short side opposite of the Velcro (the open end) this will be closed around the clip.The end that attaches to the binkie should be finished now! 

Step 3: Slide the open end onto the clip opening, you will then fold the unfinished end over 2 times, so that it creates a finished edge. Pin this, and then stitch a line straight across, again back stitching to ensure it is tight.

And that is it!

Seriously! The easiest little gift ever! So pick out some cute ribbons and make a bunch!


Recipe Organizer Printable!

I don't know about you guys, but I never touch my recipe books. & even though it is so easy now to find recipes with Pinterest and all the other websites that have lists and lists of "amazing" food to try, I hardly ever actually try the recipes I pin. It seems that as soon as its time to actually plan meals I forgot all the things I wanted to try and end up just making the same things I always do.
Maybe you are all much better at organizing meals than me, but I know I need some help! So I made a "Recipes to Try" list. Just click on the chart, print it out, and pull it out while browsing Pinterest or looking through cookbooks. Write down the recipes you want to try and when it is time to plan, everything is already right in front of you! :)
Click to download!

You can add this page to your Household Binder along with the Bill Checklist! Look for more Household binder printables soon!


Month 2 Favorites!!

Month 2 is gone already!?? Where did the time go?
Here are some favorites from our little peanut's 2nd month of life! Links are under the picture for each product :)

1. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream. Little B has Eczema and this last month it has been really bad in his diaper area. Nothing has seemed to help it & we didn't want to  use steroid creams with him so little (especially on that area). But when my mom got this it seriously has been SO much better! We use it with the Hydrocortizone the doctor gave us and it has cleared up wonderfully!
2. Infantino Go Ga Ga- Jittery Monkey- Since the little guys is starting to love playing, this little monkey has been great. We can hang it from his bouncer or hook it to his car seat, and although he isn't super coordinated yet he loves getting a hold of anything his hands are able to grab onto. The little wooden ring is perfect!
3. Brica Baby In-Sight Mirror- Bennett LOVES the car! He loves looking through the window (although I don't think he can see much. haha). he is just mesmerized every time we take a ride and he isn't sleeping. This mirror is great, it is big enough but not overpriced. It is hilarious to watch him while we are going over bumps or when there is a loud noise. He is so expressive!
4. Hello Washington D.C.- The kid is loving books lately! When he is at grandma's house she reads him all kinds of books and he is just in awe of all the colors, he tries to grab at them! This one is a favorite, it is so bright and colorful!
5. Pediacare- Fever Reducer- Non Staining- After getting his 2 month shots, the doctor suggested we give him Tylenol for a few days. We found this and I LOVE it. First of all it is a no spill bottle. You just stick the syringe in the top, tip upside down and take what you need. NO pouring! You can easily just inject it to the back of his mouth and hope most of it gets swallowed. And it comes in "non- staining", which is a miracle, I have no idea why they even make kid's medicine in bright colors, they spit half of it out! This is a miracle!

And my 2 month old little cutie!

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