40 Weeks!

We hit 40 weeks on 1/9/13. Who knew that due dates can just come and go without anything exciting happening!?! haha Needless to say, we are anxious to see the kid! Our doctor scheduled us for an induction late Tues. the 15th into Wed. the 16th morning. We will be 41 weeks.
Everything is ready to go, and it seems like every day it just gets more and more exciting! I'm actually excited to have a schedule set, I thrive on organization. So this ended up being perfect because I feel a lot more prepared (even though you cant really prepare for this. haha) , and much much less stressful. 

How far along? 40 weeks!
Total weight gain: 106 to 148! 
Maternity clothes? Yes. All the time! And I am busting out of them!
Stretch marks? Stomach still clear! Some have appeared on my hips though :( ha
Sleep: Non existent and getting worse every day. There is NO MORE ROOM and he is settling in my sides, which makes it difficult to lay down when you cant sleep on your back or stomach.
Best moment this week: Getting a scheduled date!
Miss Anything? Being able to wear pants without feeling like they are falling down all the time!
Movement: Less this week because he is literally out of room.
Food cravings: Milk again, however, I cannot drink any :( and GRAPE Gatorade!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: Contractions. and bad back pain
Symptoms: Being uncomfortable in EVERY position. lactose intolerance.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Anxious and Excited this week!
Looking forward to: Sitting, laying, and walking normal. Wearing normal clothes, being able to work out, and someday being able to drink Milk again!


39 Weeks!

We hit 39 weeks on 1/2/2013. This week has been crazy. From crazy contraction episodes to random sickness, this week has really just been tiring. still no progress in the labor department, so we will probably end up getting induced on the 41 week mark (1/16). Little Bennett just keeps getting more and more comfortable and settling right into a spot where he can kick my ribs all day. . . :) 

How far along? 39 weeks!
Total weight gain: 106 to 147! 
Maternity clothes? Yes. All the time.
Stretch marks? Stomach still clear! Some have appeared on my hips though :( ha
Sleep: Non existent. 
Best moment this week: having one night where I actually slept for 4 hours straight. Best thing ever. 
Miss Anything? Breathing normal
Movement: Random punches to the kidneys, ribs, bladder, ect. 
Food cravings: Milk, however, I cannot drink any :(
Anything making you queasy or sick: Popcorn smell
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: Contractions. 
Symptoms: Being uncomfortable in EVERY position. lactose intollerance.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Angry this week. Stupid due dates mean nothing. 
Looking forward to: Sitting, laying, and walking normal.


Bennett's Nursery

We finally finished the last finishing touches on the nursery this week.
I'm so excited to put him in his room!! Only 5 days tops left!!! I just want him to come already!!
I'll eventually do a few tutorials with some specific projects from the nursery. But here it is!
Our Star Wars Nursery for our Little Bennett Luis Heder

My parents were so nice and got us the perfect crib! 

One of the first projects I did was to paint these 4 canvases with some subtle Star Wars prints. haha its really hard to keep a star wars nursery from going major cheesy! 

I did his name letters by getting cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby and covering them with tin foil and paint for a Faux Zinc look. I'll also do a tutorial for these. 

We have a little dresser with his newborn-3 month clothes that arent hanging, and I decided to store the bigger clothes til he grows into them. So we dont have a thousand sizes everywhere. Hopefully that keeps us a little organized. 
I love how the chair turned out, It was so fun to redo! I'll do a tutorial on that and link it to this post later. 

Our vinyl chevron turned out exactly how I wanted it to. I used my Silhouette (best thing EVER) to cut out the vinyl and transferred it to the wall. It was a tiny bit tricky at first but it turned out great!
I will do a tutorial on the measurements I used for the bedding, making crib skirts and sheets is actually really easy if you measure it out correctly :) 

Just some details from the room. I LOVE the rug we found at Ikea! 

I LOVE the bookshelves. I bought spice racks from Ikea (only 3.99 each!) and painted them to match the room. They come unfinished, so they are so easy to do! Thanks Pinterest! :) 

The first picture in this block is the Basket Ben's sister Diana made for me! It matches perfectly! Thanks Diana!!! :)
My FAVORITE part about the room is the 3 pictures above the changing table. Here they are up close. first is my Great Grandpa Charles Bennett Conquest. and the last is Ben's Grandpa Luis. Both men were amazing and I'm so excited for our little guy to have such a meaningful name. I absolutely love it. 

And that's the room! I'll update the links to the tutorials later. I hope he likes it! 

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