An Organized GIVEAWAY!

A couple weeks ago my life changed...... Ok, so that is a tiny bit dramatic... But seriously. I discovered what can only be described as "the answer to my prayers". Things have been SO crazy lately. From my school, to Ben's school, my work, Ben's work, Bennett's craziness, our ward missionary callings, new home renovations, etsy orders, families, etc. etc. etc. Life is crazy! and I know a lot of you (if not ALL of you) can definitely relate.
I have always been a planner user to help organize this crazy life, but it seemed like every planner I tried was missing so much. I have needed something that can handle as much as I can! And I have found it!
Mormon Mom Planners has created the most incredible planner EVER.

 It literally has everything you could ever need in a planner. AND MORE.

The planner has the normal month and week overviews, plenty of note space, holiday planning, financial planning, birthday planning, and goal setting. It even has a scripture reading chart!

Not to mention... each and every page is adorably designed. And it is the perfect size, it easily fits right in my purse so I can have it with me all the time!

There are 5 different types of planners, you can see each type HERE, and decide which one you can't live without.  Maybe you aren't a mom? Or you aren't LDS? They have a planner for you! They even have a printable PDF version of the planner!
So are you ready for the best part of this post? Melinda from Mormon Mom Planners is kind enough to give away 2 planners to our readers! One is an original Mormon Mom Planner like I have. And the other is one without the "mommy stuff" for you ladies that aren't moms, or the "empty nesters" in the audience! So enter to win the one that fits you best, or enter for each of them to increase your chances!

And if you just can't wait to get your planner, Melinda is also offering a coupon code for you all! use the code SEWBOSS10 to get 10% off your order! The start of 2014 is the perfect time to get organized! And don't forget to check out all the free printables and blog from In the Leafy Treetops! You will be hooked!

a Rafflecopter giveaway ENTER TO WIN A NON-MOM PLANNER HERE:
a Rafflecopter giveaway 
FYI: If you win, we need to hear back within 24 hrs or we will have to chose another winner. 
About Melinda from Mormon Mom Planners:
I've loved planning all my life.  It just feels better to jot things down and get things done. Being deliberate as a wife & mother is important to me.  I'm not anywhere near perfect at it but I'm trying to do little, everyday things that make a difference.  Writing those little things down daily helps me accomplish things that would otherwise seem daunting and unattainable.  Using the planner helps keep my sometimes frazzled brain focused on what matters most. I tried going digital all the way but felt that I was missing out on some important things that my phone didn't offer like FHE planning, holiday planning and gospel study along with seeing the overview of the months and weeks.  I really tried to find a planner out there that would satisfy my craving for organizing each aspect of my life but couldn't find it...so I made one.  I wanted to implement the Family Proclamation as much as possible throughout the planner.  My goal was to keep it short and sweet.  Nothing too complicated or overwhelming. I've been very happy with the result and I LOVE sharing it with other woman and empowering them with this great tool.   I have even bigger plans for the planners and I am still on the search for a printer that will allow for cuter tabs and cute pockets in the front and back so once I get those in, I think the planner will be practically perfect in every way.  ;)


Easiest Christmas Craft EVER

I love Christmas. I love crafts. I love Christmas Crafts! But it seems like around the busiest time of year, I never have time to make any of the things I see on Pinterest or blogs. :( Maybe one year, when I don't have finals and craziness going on I will tackle my "Christmas" board. But for now, I will stick to the easy stuff.
Conveniently, this just happens to be the EASIEST project in the world. I have been looking for a cute, easy way to display our Christmas Cards, and I have seen a lot of really awesome projects... but all of them were much too time consuming for my life right now. But as I was walking through Joanns last week, I found a solution!
These little clothes pins are adorable, and come in a variety of colors. I chose gold, and grabbed some thicker ribbon that I already had on hand and BAM. You have a Christmas Craft!

Just wrap the ribbon around your door (we chose the coat closet) and either tape, tie, or pin the ends together. (just make sure its tight) Then go ahead and pin on those cute cards you have been getting!  See? Easiest thing ever.
Merry Christmas!

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Christmas $100 giveaway! Hosted by Night Chayde!

I'm so excited to be apart of this great Christmas giveaway hosted by Night Chayde! You can enter to win $100 gift card to your choice of Target or Sephora!  Good luck!

Happy Holidays everybody! I have teamed up with these awesome ladies for an awesome giveaway. The Holidays are stressful I can attest to that! This group of amazing girls wanted to make the holidays a little easier for you by bringing you this awesome giveaway. The winner will win $100 to Target or Sephora which ever suits the winners needs! This is our way of thanking each and everyone of you for your support, comments, and love! Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season!


Make sure to show our promoters some love as well by checking out their blogs.
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The Perfect Gift!

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here! I love this time of year, everyone seems to be a little more "jolly" and its nice to have time to be with your family. One thing I love about Christmas is finding the perfect gift. Finding a gift that shows your loved ones that you thought about them and appreciate all they do for you is hard sometimes. Especially now a days, when the world is so focused on material aspects of every Holiday. But, we can all combat the "over the top" material attitude by sharing love and kindness right along with the gifts we are giving.
I'm always looking for great gift ideas, something that isn't too pricey but still makes someone feel special. And this year, I've found a gift that works for almost everyone!
Christine Marie B is a shop that makes custom address stamps! They are so cute, and at only $26-$27 they are a great price point. I love that she has so many cute designs. Giving an address stamp is a great idea for Newlyweds, Housewarming gifts, Bridal showers, Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, even a Baby Shower gift!  I love that it can honestly work for anything.

Using a stamp for a return address on Christmas cards or just everyday mail adds a special touch, and looks much nicer than labels, and looks A LOT nicer than my handwriting ;) You can even use the stamp on the inside of books! Or you could always stamp your child before you go out... to make sure they are returned if lost... jk. But really, Its a decent idea!

I just used my stamp on our Christmas Cards and I can't believe how much easier it was to stamp on our address than making labels. Plus, they just added that extra touch of cute! I picked the Ribbon Stamp, and I love it! 

Christine has other cute gift ideas in her shop too. She has Ipad and Iphone cases, cards, calendars, Invites, and more! Look how cute this iphone case is! AND she is a fellow Air Force spouse, and I am always game to support small Military Spouse businesses.

Here is a little about Christine's shop, and look below for a coupon code for Sew Boss readers to save on any order from her shop!

"I'm a graphic designer and ferocious DIYer, happily working from a little office in my home in Oklahoma (which will soon be Florida). Formerly an art director in an advertising agency, I left the cubicle to follow my military husband wherever the Air Force takes us. 
I've always wanted to open an Etsy shop, to have a place to share and sell my designed and DIYed creations. It started with a case I made for my iPhone that got the attention of my friends. They asked where they could get one like it and so my shop began. It's now expanded to include iPad & iPad Mini cases, address stamps, invitations, cards, stationary,                                     and calendars."

Use the code: BLOGLOVE10 to save 10% on anything from Christine Marie B! 


Want to Save Money this Semester?

I don't know about all of you other students out there, but for me... one of the worst things about the beginning of the semester is buying textbooks....
This last semester I had 4 classes, and spent close to $700 in text books. (I know a number of people who spent even more than that)  Schools have buy back periods and there are textbook stores that will buy your books from you, but I've never gotten more than 50% back from what I originally spent. Which is why I was SUPER excited to learn about Campus Book Rentals!

Renting your textbooks is a great way to save money, and their variety is awesome! Here are some great reasons to use Campus Book Rentals instead of buying this semester:
-By renting you save 40-90% off of your school bookstore prices.
-They offer free shipping both ways
-Even though your renting the book, you can highlight the text.
-The renting periods are flexible.

AND, if you have a bunch of textbooks laying around... you can use their new Rent Back program! In this program you can rent your textbooks out to other students around the country! So you can get 2-4 times the amount that you would have gotten by selling your textbook back to your bookstore, plus you are helping other students save money!

All in all this company is great, you can save money AND make money using their two programs!

But if you need another reason to use Campus Book Rentals.... here it is! The company donates a percentage of each rental to Operation Smile! (A medical charity that provides medical care and surgeries to children around the world born with facial deformities like cleft lip and cleft palate)

So save money, make money, and help those in need this semester. And use Campus Book Rentals!

See how Campus Book Rentals works:

See how Rent Back works:


HL Collection Jewelry

First off, I LOVE monograms. I love having initials on EVERYTHING. I seriously have to stop myself from writing Bennett's name on everything, from embroidering his initials on all his blankets, and all his clothes. It drives Ben crazy! So I was really excited when I got the most adorable Initial Necklace from HL Collection Jewelry. How perfect is a little Gold B for Ben, Bennett, and Boss. My 3 main men :)

HL Collection has the most incredible items in their shop. From statement rings to dainty necklaces, all of her pieces are to die for! (Click the pictures to see the items in her Etsy Shop)

Hilla is the creator of the shop and she is so sweet. Her shop is based out of Israel, and she packages her items in the cutest box and ships very quickly! I was also excited to see some cute stacking rings in the package! 

So, if you are looking for a sweet gift for Christmas or "Just Because", check out the pieces in HL Collection Jewelry. All her pieces range from $15-$59, so there is an option for everyone. Finding such a personalized gift that someone can wear daily, dressed up or down is rare. 
Just in time for the Holidays, Hilla is offering Sew Boss readers 10% off their purchases! Just use the code below! 
Have a great Weekend! 


Paint One On Your Heart

It seems like these past couple months I have just been bombarded with Missionary related things....

My little sister is leaving in 23 days to serve a Full time LDS Mission to Madrid, Spain and I could not be more excited for her. (I might mention that I also could not be more nervous!)
A couple weeks ago Ben and I were asked to give talks in Sacrament Meeting in our new ward, both of us were given topics surrounding Missionary Work.
Tonight I attended my parent's Stake Conference meeting to hear my Mom and Dad speak, as he was recently called to be the Stake President. The whole meeting was focused around Missionary Work.
And last month as I listened to General Conference, every talk seemed to bring Missionary Work to the forefront of my mind.

Long story short... I think Heavenly Father has been trying to get me to notice something... that I need to be more focused on Missionary Work. And who of us doesn't? Everyone who has entered the waters of Baptism accepted a call to be a missionary. But how often do we forget that?
Throughout all of these experiences, I have felt the overwhelming urge to do better at sharing the Gospel. To be more willing to recognize promptings from the Spirit, and to be more readily prepared to feel of that Spirit.
Something that was brought up in tonight's meeting was that we often feel so wonderful and filled when we leave a church meeting or listen to a General Conference talk. We feel energized and a new resolve to do the things the Lord would have us do. But .... we often forget to "start doing". We forget to pick somewhere and make a move. We forget to make our belief into the action word that is "Faith"! This idea hit me hard. So often I ask for my Heavenly Father to show me the way, to direct me to where and what I need to be. . . But I am quick to dismiss promptings, I am slow to act, and I can always think of an excuse as to why it is not the time to take that next step. But I am starting now, and I hope that some of you will too!
The best part of it all, is that we are definitely not alone in this work.

The church has created some awesome resources to help members to share the Gospel and to help those seeking knowledge of the Gospel find what they are looking for.
One of the best resources is Mormon.org. This site is incredible. There is an answer, explanation, and more for every Gospel subject. There are FAQ you can direct investigators too, or even review yourself! I love using this site as a resource for me, and I know it can be a blessing to those who want to know more about the gospel. If you don't know where to start, make a profile on mormon.org, and share it on your FaceBook page or blog, ect... If you need help doing this, please leave a comment and I will be glad to help! You can see my profile Here.
They even have these cute buttons to put on your blog that link back directly to your profile!

One more thing that you can do easily is to use hash tags in your social media posts to link back to the Church. Using social media as a platform for our Faith is an incredible tool. The Church has even put out a list of suggested hash tags in order to, "better organize social media discussions surrounding Mormonism." I love this! You can view the list of suggested hash tags Here.

So can we do it?! I think so! Let me know how you are sharing the Gospel! 
and remember:
"If you're not a full time Missionary, with a Missionary badge pinned to your coat..... Now is the time to paint it on your Heart." -Neil L. Anderson



I am so excited to be getting things organized enough in our house to post regularly again! I am especially excited to be planning some great things for this little blog. I have some features ready to post, and am so excited to share some great products with you. I'm planning some projects for the home, and holiday fun! But for now I will leave you with a smile from my favorite little man :)

And a giveaway! Over on Just 2 Birds, Kelsey is featuring SewBoss. Click here to head over to Just 2 Birds and enter to win a $15 shop credit to our etsy shop Sew Boss!


Small and Simple

So many things have been running through my head the last couple nights as I've laid down to fall asleep.
I can't believe how blessed we are.
I can't believe I'm laying next to my best friend, having closed my eyes without him for so long and so many times.. I can't believe I've been taking having him here for granted. I can't believe I'm not thanking my Father in Heaven for that every single day.
I can't believe how beautiful the world is. How different and wonderfully flawed we all are.
I can't believe we live in such a blessed place, even through all the political uproar.... this land is blessed. We are blessed to live in it, we are blessed to raise our hands to our hearts and pledge to love our Country and honor our God.
I can't believe how perfect the plan is. I can't believe how little I actually know, and how often I rely on the faith that everything will "work together for good". (Romans 8:28)
I am so grateful for my two boys. My eternal companion and our little man cub, I love them.
I can't believe that I have a perfect and sweet spirit in my home. Who laughs when I need to hear laughter, and smiles just when I need to feel loved.

 We are all blessed. Even though there are days when things get tough. When there is a lump in your throat, and the tears are swelling faster than you can hold them back... remember you are loved. Remember that we can always ask for help. And there is still good in the world.
"Above all , never lose faith in your Father in Heaven, who loves you more than you can comprehend."
- Elder Jeffery R. Holland
Life is good. Life can be happy and full of everything you've ever dreamed and wanted, even when it isn't going exactly how you planned. His plan is perfect. Trust him.
Happy Sunday. xo


Sixty Three Strings on Etsy!

Ok, I would love to know who doesn't love cute Jewelry?! I'm featuring some etsy shops with easy to wear jewelry especially for you moms out there, but for anyone really... because this stuff is GREAT!

 I was so excited to see the shop Sixty Three Strings on Etsy. They have simple cute jewelry and even some clutches and hair bows! (click pictures to go to the item in their shop)
Leather and Love Bow

Gold and Triangle Grid Necklace

Mini Polkadot Clutch
 As a mom (especially an amateur one) I love finding accessories that are easy to wear and make a fun statement. And it doesn't hurt to find a great price point! Sixty Three Strings prices their items from $9-$39 so you are getting a great deal for cute handmade pieces.
My favorite piece from their shop is the stack-able Chevron Ring Set,

I love that you can pair it with other rings, and that they are a statement piece without being bulky. Anyone who has held a child for any length of time know how frustrating big jewelry is when little hands want anything sparkly or shiny! And even though they are dainty, they are made well and feel sturdy.
And they are priced at only $13 for the set right now!! So get a set or two and have countless options on how to wear them!

Wear them alone or Stacked!

The best thing about Sixty Three Strings is that the shop is run by 2 of the cutest girls ever. Brynn and Elle are so creative and just generally sweet. And they are offering readers 15% off anything in their shop. Just enter LOVESEWBOSS on checkout and get the discount!  

So check out some cute stuff on Sixty Three Strings this weekend!

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