11 weeks!

So i've been a lazy and haven't posted in 2 weeks. Ooops.
Last week we had our second ultra sound and it was so cool! The little bean was jumping all around. Literally, it was moving so much! I had no idea they moved that much at this stage. It was amazing to see!

Look how cute it is!
 and here is the 11 week pic, i think i've officially said goodbye to my abs. :(

How far along? 11 Weeks
Total weight gain: Back to 0! sitting at 106
Maternity clothes? nope
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: Not so sore anymore when i wake up. But i wake up at least 5-6 times every night completely awake, so its hard to get a good nights sleep.
Best moment this week: feeling like I finally am getting toward actually looking pregnant. instead of just bloated. haha
Miss Anything? Ben, Ben, and my abs. 
Movement: Nope :( I"m excited for that though!
Food cravings: Still any fresh fruit. and Jamba
Anything making you queasy or sick: Hot foods
Gender: ?Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Aches and Pains.  My surgery scars on my stomach hurt sometimes. Doc says its the stretching.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Sometimes grumpy. Mostly happy or tired.
Looking forward to: The next ultra sound on July 11th!


Bum Central

Today I am bummed. Super bummed. Boss and I looked at houses all day, which normally would be awesome. But i just kept thinking about how Ben should be here. How I shouldn't have to find a place for us to live by myself.  This should be so fun for us to do together. How often do you pick out your first house? But alas, Ben is gone.
33 days.
That's how many days of this crazy life he has been away so far.  Our baby is growing so quickly, and so is my previously tiny tummy. He is going to come home to a completely different person! I don't know how i feel about that.
I guess I need to make some hash browns and drown my bum-ness in ketchup and apple juice.

Enough of that.  Life is not horrible. Life is great. Sometimes i just need a break from being an optimist.
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