Baby Boss :)

Sept 2010..... one month married, getting ready to say goodbye to Ben for a few months while he went to do some flight training. . . I WAS SCARED. (to say the least) But, Ben being as wonderful as he is finally let me after tons of begging decided we could get a puppy!
I was so incredibly excited. I have always loved big dogs, so when our apartment manager told us we could only have a dog under 20lbs. . . i was worried. Worried that we would get a dog i would HATE. haha But then i saw this little guy.....

Boss joined our family. All 1 pound of him. :)  It was love at first sight. 

We brought him home and he immediately took over. haha He also immediately LOVED ben. i was jealous it made me so happy. :)

The moment Ben would come home, Boss would be right on him. haha always cuddling and playing. 

Then Ben left. 
and i was terrified. 
And still to this day looking back on being alone, Boss was (and still is) my best bud. 

When i would get scared, he would be right there by my side. When i would cry he would act silly and ALWAYS make me laugh. 

And even when I got a phone call about my dog Meg passing away..... He new i needed him. 

From driving the 16 hours to Utah multiple times, and making him wear adorable clothes. . . Boss never complains (yeah yeah yeah he can't talk. . . bla bla bla) 

Yesterday my little sweetie had his 1st birthday! I made him a cake, and he got presents from the people that love him most. :) it was great. 

Ben and I love him. He is the perfect addition to our family, and i can say honestly that he has changed me for the better. 
I hear ALL THE TIME that "he is a dog", because i guess people don't think i know that......
but i do. He is a dog. but more importantly, he is my best bud, and apart of our family. And i love him. 

The 3 Musketeers  

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