Halloween :D

Ok, so one of my favorite blogs is called Tatertots and Jello http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/. She is AMAZING, and her stuff is adorable. Check it out.
But this week she did a post on halloween costumes with a link to another blog that had such cute family costume ideas! I'm a dork i guess and ABSOLUTELY love when families dress up together. It made me want a baby so bad! don't worry i've since come down from the "I want a baby high".  But they are so cute, and i will definitely be saving those pics for when the joyous time finally arrives and the Heder family can dress like breakfast food. haha

Or this:

Or Ghostbusters/the busted ghost

Although my favorite is the pirate/parrot idea :)
We WILL be doing this.....poor ben
Can't Wait!!!! :)


Best Days With You

This weekend my parents came to visit us.  They just left our apartment, I sat on the couch, and am completely overcome by a horrible homesick feeling. This weekend has been the best.  I can't even express how good it is to see my parents.  I have loved being able to show them our apartment and introduce them to Boss. (which is adorable. Boss LOVES my dad! haha)  I have missed them so much since being in Washington.  Its completely different than moving away for college when you get married, and I did not expect that.  Its kind of a rude awakening.
It is so strange to think that I will never live at my house again.  Its weird that it isn't my house anymore..... After living in the same place for 19 years, it is going to take a long while to feel like anywhere else is home.
I love it here, but it is really easy to get homesick.  Especially now that Ben works nights.   Boss has helped A LOT though. I'm so happy we got him.
It is going to be really hard to say goodbye tomorrow, but I am so glad that I have such amazing parents.  I am so glad that I honestly can call my parents my friends. And no matter where Ben and I go, or how long we are gone I know that my parents will always be there for me.  I love spending time with them, even though we won't get to see each other very often for the next while, I just want to make the best of every second I have.  I learn so much from them, and I know i'm very lucky. :)
I love them.
And I can't wait til Christmas when we will be able to go home and see everyone. :)


Welcome to the Heder family!!!

Well, Ben and I decided that we were finally ready for a new addition to our little family. (yeah, its been 43 days.... what can i say, we move fast. haha)
We researched online and decided we couldn't get a big dog because we didn't want him to be stuck in a small apartment. Later we also found out that we can only have a dog up to 25lbs in our complex.
We found a few puppies we liked and started calling around.
We finally decided on a cute little terrier/pom chi mix. :) and off we went to go see him!

Cute huh? haha
 He freaked out a little while we were driving home. ha He whined the whole way. But it was still cute. :)
We decided to name him Boss, Boss Danger Heder.... i know... its awesome!

 We finally got him home, and ever since then he has been the best little puppy EVER. :)  He is getting so good at potty training, and I love how excited he gets when Ben comes home. Its ADORABLE :) 
Welcome to the family Boss, WE LOVE YOU! :)

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