4 days and we are THERE!

With only four days left things have gotten pretty hectic.....
Its crazy to think that it seems like a few days ago we were counting the days til Ben got done with basic training.  Time has flown by, but still has gone so slow. haha
I am super excited to now say that we FINALLY have an apartment.  It took forever to get that all figured out. It was crazy. ha But, i'm so relieved we got it all taken care of. Now all we need is to get there!
Ben arrived in Washington yesterday, and i was so glad to find out that he LOVES it. :)  I am so excited to be able to get up there with him! Four more days and then we can start our new life. I love it. :)


6 Days Left :) :) :)

Well there are only 6 days left and we are officially Married!!
Ben got to come home Tuesday at 8am, and then left again that night at about 9pm.  It was so fun to just get to spend the day together. :)  We got our marriage licence, which is a huge relief. ha Now we are basically ready! Just a few minor details and we are finished! :)
Here are some pics from our Guest Tree: :)

Cute Huh? haha now if it would only dry.........


I love to see the Temple, I'm going there in 10 days!!!! :)

Well, only 10 days left, and let me just say in case there was any question..........I am SOOOO excited!!! :)
I got my temple recommend today and my recommend for living ordinance, it was so surreal to know that in 10 days i would actually get to walk into the temple and be sealed to my best friend for time and ALL eternity.  It is such a blessing.
I was especially grateful today because my dad took my whole family on a drive to the Draper temple and on the  way and while we were there he talked to us about the temple and answered everyone's questions. It felt so amazing to be sitting there looking at the House of the Lord and knowing that the day is so close. It also helped me to feel a lot better about going to the temple for the first time.  It seems like all most people tell you before going to the temple is how weird it was or how they had a bad first experience. I don't like it at all.  It kind of seems to me that if you go ready to learn and prepared to feel the spirit, going to the temple should be a great experience. I think my mom said it best when she said that if your READY the temple doesn't seem strange at all, it feels more like you've heard it all before.  I'm so excited to go there and learn and grow, especially to be able to learn and grow with Ben.  I'm so lucky to be marrying a worthy priesthood holder, i know it will bless our family.  :)
I am so excited for August 18th, and I am so excited for the rest of our journey. After all, its just the beginning. The best is yet to come. :)

Together Forever
and then some ;)


We have a place to SLEEP!!!!! :)

I bought our bed today!!!! :) I was so excited! haha i don't think i ever thought i would be excited for the things that excite me every day. Even at my Bridal Shower, every time i opened a gift i was so exited! "oh my gosh, a toaster! CUTE!" thats really how it was every single time. haha It makes me laugh.
The apartment we thought we had didn't work out. (dumb people didn't have any left, and they told us they did....rude)  BUT, i found a different one and i love it so much, it is a billion times cuter than the first one!!  its also 200 square feet bigger, AND its only 1 1/2 years old. so it looks brand new. I love it! :)  I'm calling them tomorrow so I hope everything works out.

Look how cute it is!!!! :) I love it, i hope we get it!!!


16 days :)

Only 16 days til we tie the knot!!!!! :)  I'm so ridiculously excited although it still seems so far away! ha its not fair.
I went shopping today for a coffee table, and i got the CUTEST stuff!!! Our apartment is going to look so cute :)
I bought a black coffee table and a red end table to go in our living room. Also i found our bed!!! But i think i'm going to wait til Ben gets home to buy it.
Coffee Table

Side Table

This is the bed I want to get :)
I am SOOOO excited to get to our apartment and put all the cool things we bought together.  I LOVE IKEA! So so so so many awesome stuff in that store, and I was ridiculously excited to find out that there is an Ikea about 25 minutes from our apartment! :)
I also got some cute candles from Pier 1 today and I'm thinking about this lamp I saw when i was buying the tables from IKEA:

Idk if we should get it.... hmmmm. haha well even though packing is taking FOREVER, and it seems like we have a never ending pile of stuff..... Now that we decided on our apartment. We need more. ha We chose one with 2 bedrooms, so that means extra space. which means more stuff. Only 16 days!!! :)
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