So close, but so far away. . .

It has been now almost two weeks since I've seen Ben. And I have come to the realization that no matter how much you get along with someone or how much you love someone or how great your relationship is with someone, long distance relationships are HARD. Really hard. That surprised me, and maybe i'm just young and naive. But it truly is a lot of work trying to have a relationship when you can't see the person for months at a time. and although I've been going on and on about how hard it is....I wouldn't give up for anything in the world. This is the biggest test for our relationship, and something that Ben has taught me this week is that trying to avoid things that will put our L.D. relationship to the test is definitely the wrong thing to do. And really do believe that. I had been trying to avoid conflict and "awkward" conversations because i thought it would put unnecessary stress on our relationship. But in all reality, a relationship without those things is NO relationship at all. Without disagreements or arguments you never truly find out who that person is. How sad would it be to go through life not knowing how the person you love handles an argument??? You would be walking on egg shells around them just so you would avoid ever making them upset! Thats crazy! I don't think you really can love someone without seeing them in a bunch of different situations. I have learned that i love all of Ben, not just "happy Ben" or "romantic Ben", but i love "angry Ben" and "annoyed Ben" too. I'm so thankful that he trusts me enough to be himself around me, and feels comfortable enough to tell me when he doesn't agree with me! Without that, i don't think i could ever be happy with someone. I'm also thankful he feels the same way, that he loves me, not just parts of me and my personality, but the whole package. I think that is what love is. And i'm glad I have it.


Full of love

Well, i just finished reading a blog written by a mother who lost her little girl to a horrible disease. She was only 5 months old and their only child. I am completely full of love and sympathy for these parents, and especially this mother. How sad and difficult it must be to have to say goodbye to a child. I can't even imagine the ache that mother feels. I don't think anyone can understand the love a mother has for her children until they have their own kids. And i'm so grateful to one day be able to feel that love. I'm also grateful to know that we can all have forever families, and that through temple ordinances we are able to be sealed to our family for eternity. What a comfort and blessing that is. If only everyone who has ever lost a loved one knew that... how much comfort that would bring to those people. I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for a testimony of eternal families. My heart goes out to those who have not received a testimony of that. So many tears and heartaches could be mended through the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This world has become one of frequent sadness, and now is the time for missionary work. If being able to help those in mourning isn't a good enough reason to share the gospel i don't know what else would be.


Great Sunday :)

Sunday is finally here! :) This week seemed to go really slow. It has officially been a week since i've seen Ben. :( But it really feels like i just saw him yesterday. This week i am really thankful for my extended family. I have spent a lot of time with my great aunt Pam and her kids and their kids this week. It feel so good to be around little kids again! I forget how much i miss my siblings and cousins. Something about little kids just makes me happy :) Today was my 3rd cousin Kasen's 5th birthday party. It was pirate themed, and sooooo cute. :) He was so excited to just have everyone there especially for him. I loved watching him open his presents and get all excited. It was so cute. Sometimes i wish we could all be like little kids and get so excited about the smallest things. It has definitely been a fun week being with family. Nothing beats that. :) One week down, about 13 left to go until Ben's next graduation!


Today Was A Fairytale :)

Well, FINALLLY i got to see Ben! :) On March 10th I left for the airport to go on my way to TEXAS! :) I was seriously more excited than i had ever been for anything. But, I was also more nervous than i had ever been too. ha Ben's mom and dad had left earlier that day and came to pick me up from the San Antonio airport that night. And then all that was left to do was wait for the next morning. . . not an easy task. ha
At Air Force graduations they do this thing called the Airman's Run, where all the graduating airmen run 1.5 miles and all the families line up on the side of the road to watch. Kinda like a parade. It was so cool to see them all. And when we finally spotted Ben all my nerves just completely melted away. :)

After the run they had the Coin Ceremony (where the airmen are presented with their coin, coins are pretty big in the military.... i didn't know that. ha) and Honor Graduation, since Ben did so well with all the training he was an Honor Grad. Its seriously crazy how much work you have to do to be able to accomplish all that. It is a big deal.
We all went outside and after 62 days of waiting WE GOT TO SEE HIM!!! :) I was so happy, i can't even explain what relief i felt finally being able to actually see him.

The "actual" graduation ceremony was on Friday. They all marched on to the field and did a lot of formations and marching. It was amazing. I can't believe how much training and practice it takes to be able to look perfect like that on the field with so many airmen. It was definitely impressive. Ben was in the band flight, so they played at the graduation. We even got some pictures of Ben with his HUGE drum. :)

After the graduation Ceremony he had a "town pass" so we were able to leave the base. We went to the Alamo (my favorite part of the trip.... besides seeing Ben. haha) it was gorgeous. :) I bet it was weird for him to be off base for the first time, but he did well. haha

HAHAHA Probably the funniest thing i have ever seen.

We went to Six Flags on Saturday, and it was tons of fun. Ben wanted to go on ALL the scariest rides..... and i went on em all. which was extremely scary. haha but it was worth it. :)

The giant banana we took our pictures with. haha

Time to say goodbye again. :( We went to Ben's ward Sunday morning, to hear him speak. He did an amazing job. He never ceases to completely shock me with how amazing he is. I have never felt so lucky to have such a great priesthood holder in my life. He really does bless everyone he meets. The rest of the day was just time to relax, and then we had to take him back to the base. It was a feeling i have definitely never had before. It was harder to see him go this time than the first. But, I am so glad he decided to do this. I can tell just by the way he talks about the Air Force that he loves it. And i'm grateful for the fact that he puts everything he has into it. I say this a lot but I would only share Ben with 2 things, the gospel and the U.S. I'm so proud of him and all he accomplished at BMT. This is going to be a long and sometimes bumpy ride, but i'm SO excited. :) He will do a great job at Tech. School and then thats one more thing checked off the list til we can actually be together. I love him. and I've never been prouder.

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