Easy Pillow Cover Tutorial

Do you have some "less than cute" pillows, like I do?  Instead of buying new ones, just cover them for a fraction of the price! I love being able to change the look of my pillows often without dropping a few hundred dollars every time I want a new look, and it is pretty easy!

Here is what you need:
-Your choice of fabric, I used about 2 yards for 4 pillows. (2 in the Aztec fabric, 2 in the gray) But it just depends on the size of the pillows your covering. You can use regular quilters cotton, or home decor fabric. You can even use furry or decorative fabric.
-Coordinating thread
-Sewing Machine (unless you want to do it by hand)

That's IT!

First lay out your fabric, place your pillow on top and wrap it like a present (but just 2 sides). You want the fabric cut so that the ends are overlapping about 3-4 inches. Cut your fabric so that one side overlaps (that 3-4 inches) and then the other two sides have about 1.5 inches extra after being sandwiched together. The pictures will help it make more sense. You are essentially making an envelope pillow case.

After your fabric is cut to the correct size, finish the 2 overlapped edges. Just fold the edge over 2 times and iron it. 

Sew the edge flat with a small seam allowance.

Lay your fabric down right side up. Place your pillow on top, and fold the finished sides over like an envelope. Fold it over so that it is pretty tight, you don't want a wrinkly pillow. 

Sandwich 2 of the side edges, and then pin right in the middle. (again try to get it as tight as you can) Be careful not to pin your pillow to the fabric, you will need to remove it later.

On the other side of the pillow you will do the same thing, but instead of pinning it shut, draw a line where you would have placed the pins. You can use a pencil or pen, just nothing that will leak through the fabric. 
Then slide your pillow out of your fabric.


Then pin the 2 layers over the line you drew. Now you can sew over the 2 sides that are pinned. 

You can trim the excess fabric to about .5inches from your seam. Then turn your cover ride side out! 

Just slide your pillow in, fluff it up, and you are done! 

 Enjoy your fresh new pillows!

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