14 Days of Valentines! Free Printables!

I have seen 14 Days of Valentines done by people before, and I thought it was such a great idea! I couldn't find ones that had tags that matched things that Ben actually liked, so I decided to make my own and create a way that you could make your own too with blank ones!
& For all you military spouses or those of you away from your loved one this year, this would be a great thing to send your sweetheart!

This is such a great way to celebrate Valentines in a special way without spending a lot of money. :)
So even though February has already started... you can still participate! Just start today or tomorrow or even give your sweetheart a couple on the first day to catch up! Better late than never! :)
So here are 14 days of ideas! You can print them all at the bottom of the post, or make your own with the blank ones at the end of the printables!

Ben LOVES putting Lime juice in things. But for this one you could also use some kind of fun seasoning, a favorite flavor of ice cream or drink, or anything!

I think you are "Sodamazing"

"I go Bananas over you." You could also do banana candy!

"Thanks for sticking by my side" You could do some kind of gooey or sticky treat for this one instead of sticky notes!

"Being with you is always a treat" Again, you could substitute this with any treat!

"You are Flip'n awesome" with Flips!

"You're my favorite Krave-ing" with Krave Cereal.

"We were Mint to be together" You could do any minty treat, even ice cream! ;)

"You are one Hot Tamale"

"I am Nuts about you!"

"You have O'fish-ally stolen my heart"

"My life would be Mixed up without you!" You could make your own mix with this one, if you aren't horrible at it, like me. ha

"You are a perfect TEN" You could find anything with the letters T-E-N on it. Later I realized all these wonderful ideas for this one that didn't come to me earlier. haha oh well. 

"I wouldnt Chews anyone but you!" With a pack of gum! 

You can download the printables by clicking the picture below! Remember you can use the blank ones to create your own! :)
CLICK the picture to download the 3 tag pages!

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