Visiting Teaching Jan 14 and a Winner!

2014 is here! And we have a winner for the Mormon Mom Planner Giveaway!!! Click HERE to see if you won!!!
It is insane how quickly 2013 flew by, and as always, with the new year comes New Years Resolutions. One of my goals for 2014 is to be more diligent in my Visiting Teaching (Click to learn more) for my church. Most women in my church have the calling to be a Visiting Teacher, and are assigned a few women to visit every month. There are a few things that we are encouraged to do as visiting teachers (that you can review with the previous link) like aid our sisters when there is an emergency, pray daily for her and her family, visit with her regularly, share gospel messages to help inspire and encourage her, etc. . . But I think the most important part of visiting teaching is to simply be a friend. If you are truly being a friend to these sisters, then all the other things just come easy! (as a side note.. you don't need a calling to be a friend to someone! So if you aren't a visiting teacher or see someone who may need a friend that is outside your list of sisters to visit teach, you can still choose a few women you'd like to be a special friend to.)
So through my resolution to be more diligent in this calling, I've decided to start making LDS handouts again. I'll share a visiting teaching handout every month, so you can renew your dedication to being the best visiting teacher (or friend) you can be too! (AND you can help hold me accountable!)
Each month The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints puts out a visiting teaching message and this month (January 2014) it centers around the mission of Jesus Christ with an emphasis on his position as an exemplar. You can read this month's message HERE. The messages are always brief and easy to understand. Share whatever you feel comfortable sharing, let your sisters know you love them, and leave them with a little handout. :) But above all else, let them know you care.
Happy January! The handout for this month is below. Click right on the picture and save it to your computer, you can then print it off at home, or order it from any photo dept. (walmart, walgreens, costco, etc... ) It is in  a 4x6 format. :)

The quote for this month comes from the talk "Is Faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ Written in our Hearts?" by Linda K Burton, General Relief Society President.

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