Small and Simple

So many things have been running through my head the last couple nights as I've laid down to fall asleep.
I can't believe how blessed we are.
I can't believe I'm laying next to my best friend, having closed my eyes without him for so long and so many times.. I can't believe I've been taking having him here for granted. I can't believe I'm not thanking my Father in Heaven for that every single day.
I can't believe how beautiful the world is. How different and wonderfully flawed we all are.
I can't believe we live in such a blessed place, even through all the political uproar.... this land is blessed. We are blessed to live in it, we are blessed to raise our hands to our hearts and pledge to love our Country and honor our God.
I can't believe how perfect the plan is. I can't believe how little I actually know, and how often I rely on the faith that everything will "work together for good". (Romans 8:28)
I am so grateful for my two boys. My eternal companion and our little man cub, I love them.
I can't believe that I have a perfect and sweet spirit in my home. Who laughs when I need to hear laughter, and smiles just when I need to feel loved.

 We are all blessed. Even though there are days when things get tough. When there is a lump in your throat, and the tears are swelling faster than you can hold them back... remember you are loved. Remember that we can always ask for help. And there is still good in the world.
"Above all , never lose faith in your Father in Heaven, who loves you more than you can comprehend."
- Elder Jeffery R. Holland
Life is good. Life can be happy and full of everything you've ever dreamed and wanted, even when it isn't going exactly how you planned. His plan is perfect. Trust him.
Happy Sunday. xo

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