Skin Favorites- Part 2

Here we are at part 2 of Summer Skin favorites! If you missed the first one, you can find body favorites HERE.
And we are now on to Face Favorites!  Like I've mentioned before, I have extremely dry skin, and a pretty horrible wonderfully severe case of Eczema. So, I know that everything doesn't work for everyone, but these products have worked great for me, comment if you have any products that have worked for your skin type, we are all different! :)

So first off, the biggest thing I have learned about facial care is that you face needs very different care than the rest of your skin.  Our faces see the sun more, endure the most exposure to the weather, dirt, dust, and we touch our face ALL day! So having a routine that efficiently protects, cleanses, and clarifies your face is super important! This is my routine:
1. Simple Foaming Cleanser: Finding a good cleanser is hard! You want it to clean thoroughly without drying out your skin or leaving it raw. I love this one, it is gentle but I feel like it cleans all that gunk off my skin that accumulates all day. Plus NO alcohol! Do not put alcohol on your face, especially if you have dry skin. It sucks the life right out of your pretty face!  My sensitive skin loves the simple, non drying recipe of this cleanser. The best part about gentle products is that they work for almost all skin types.
2. Simple Soothing Facial Toner: USE A TONER! Anytime water touches your skin.... use a toner. When you cleanse your skin it alters your pH level. Using a toner will neutralize you skin again and help to reduce irritation and help your skin to be healthy and keep in it's natural moisture. Plus it removes anything your cleaner may have missed. Again, NO ALCOHOL! Stripping your skin of its natural oils is bad bad bad. Because I have that dry, sensitive skin I look for toners with simple natural moisturizers. But, if you have oily skin, look for toners that contain glycolic acids, they help to remove excess oil but don't dry you out like alcohol. Remember we like some oil!
We are skipping ahead a bit. A few times a week after I use toner I use an exfoliating scrub, which is #4.
4. Phytoceane Facial Scrub with Vegetal Coral: This scrub is amazing. The beads are perfect circles, so it doesn't scrub my skin raw, but still gets rid of that old skin. Using a scrub refines the skin and gives you that bright look, but don't use it every day. This one is kind of pricy, but there are other scrubs that are perfectly good that are at a better price point. Here is one in the Simple brand skin line with the cleanser and toner.
On the days you use a scrub make sure to apply toner AGAIN. Remember, anytime you put water on your face... use a toner. Toner should always be the last liquid on your face in your regimen.
3. Cetaphil: I love this moisturizer. Using a cream is always a good choice. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a cream and what is a lotion. A good tip is that cream can't come out of a pump, so when choosing a face moisturizer, a tub is better than a pump bottle.
5. Covergirl Smoothers BB Cream:  After I put on my moisturizer, I use a BB cream. I love this Covergirl one. It is really light, so you get that even coverage without looking like you have make up caked on. The sunscreen helps add the last layer of protection and using a tinted moisturizer over your cream just adds a whole other moisture level! Keep that skin hydrated! This BB cream is great because it is basic and isn't too expensive so if you have never tried a BB cream, it is a great one to start with without forking out $40-$60 on a product you don't know if you like yet.

I hope this helped give you some tips on what to try in your daily facial regimen. Again, we all have individually unique skin, so try the basics and adjust to what works for you! If you have a great product or regimen that you use, comment and let us know!

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