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Well, posts have been sparse this summer. Mostly because I am still trying to figure out how to balance this crazy life of ours. But also because we have been going through a few changes. Ben got a new job, I doubled my school credit load, and we are buying a house! We are supposed to close in 9 days, 9 DAYS! and I am so excited, but I am also freaking out. Packing up this little apartment and thinking about moving in to a house all our own has got my mind stuck on how I'm going to make our house as organized as possible.
Living in an apartment I had just gotten used to the fact that we didn't have enough room to be perfectly organized, but I do not NOT want a cluttered house. I am determined to create an organized home. Mostly because our life is so crazy... i don't want to live in crazy. ha  So here are some great Pinterest options for organization inspiration. I've linked each to the pin it is connected to, so just click on the picture to see the source. And if anyone has any great organization ideas, send them my way!
Follow my Home board on Pinterest HERE for some really great design and organization ideas!  and stay tuned for our Home projects as we move into our house and make it our own. :)
From Two Yellow Birds Decor Blog
From Design Finch

From Better Homes and Gardens
From a Bowl Full of Lemons

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