5 Month Baby Favorites

Bennett is almost to 6 months old! I cannot believe it! It seems like yesterday I had this little squish in my hospital bed with me.

And now he is a big boy :( even though he is still just as cute :)

Here are some of my 5 month favorites! Remember the links are underneath the picture. 

1. Munchkin Bath Buddies : Bennett loves playing with these in the bath, and I love them because they are stiff enough that he can't squirt himself in the face and they are the perfect size for his little hands. 
2. Fisher Price Snugamonkey Sleepytime Toy: This cute monkey glows and plays soft music while baby goes to sleep. I love this because it isn't creepy like those worm things and it can be set to play one song or continual for 20 minutes.
3. Munchkin Soft Tip Spoons: These are great for feeding because they are deeper than Gerber spoons, and they have a thick handle so Baby can hold them easily. 
4. Bumbo Play Tray: Perfect addition to your Bumbo, and super convenient for feeding or even putting some toys on for baby to play with when you want to keep him contained. ha
5. Baby Bjorn Carrier: This carrier is perfect for us. We have a ring sling that I love around the house, but this carrier is great for out and about. Ben will actually wear it because it doesn't look girly, and it is super comfortable for the wearer and the baby. 

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