Month 2 Favorites!!

Month 2 is gone already!?? Where did the time go?
Here are some favorites from our little peanut's 2nd month of life! Links are under the picture for each product :)

1. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream. Little B has Eczema and this last month it has been really bad in his diaper area. Nothing has seemed to help it & we didn't want to  use steroid creams with him so little (especially on that area). But when my mom got this it seriously has been SO much better! We use it with the Hydrocortizone the doctor gave us and it has cleared up wonderfully!
2. Infantino Go Ga Ga- Jittery Monkey- Since the little guys is starting to love playing, this little monkey has been great. We can hang it from his bouncer or hook it to his car seat, and although he isn't super coordinated yet he loves getting a hold of anything his hands are able to grab onto. The little wooden ring is perfect!
3. Brica Baby In-Sight Mirror- Bennett LOVES the car! He loves looking through the window (although I don't think he can see much. haha). he is just mesmerized every time we take a ride and he isn't sleeping. This mirror is great, it is big enough but not overpriced. It is hilarious to watch him while we are going over bumps or when there is a loud noise. He is so expressive!
4. Hello Washington D.C.- The kid is loving books lately! When he is at grandma's house she reads him all kinds of books and he is just in awe of all the colors, he tries to grab at them! This one is a favorite, it is so bright and colorful!
5. Pediacare- Fever Reducer- Non Staining- After getting his 2 month shots, the doctor suggested we give him Tylenol for a few days. We found this and I LOVE it. First of all it is a no spill bottle. You just stick the syringe in the top, tip upside down and take what you need. NO pouring! You can easily just inject it to the back of his mouth and hope most of it gets swallowed. And it comes in "non- staining", which is a miracle, I have no idea why they even make kid's medicine in bright colors, they spit half of it out! This is a miracle!

And my 2 month old little cutie!

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