How to Dress a Post Baby Body

So, 5 1/2 SHORT weeks after having Bennett, I am back at work!
I have been having a hard time the last 5 weeks figuring out how to dress this foreign body of mine. . . Nobody tells you how hard it is to figure out what to wear in that awkward stage between having a baby and being normal again. You are stuck in the "I don't have a baby bump, but I still look like I do" stage. And it is frustrating.
And I cried and cried for days just decided to have a good attitude.
Every day I get closer and closer to normal, but I've figured out some tips on how to look decent while returning to "Normal Body" stage. haha
Really, these rules can apply to anyone who is having a hard time dressing their body. After gaining weight, or losing weight, or just feeling like they are in an awkward stage. 

DO NOT WEAR BAGGY BAGGY CLOTHES. After giving birth I was like "What the crap!? I gotta still have a baby in there! The belly isn't gone!" So i thought, I'll just wear clothes that hide it. WRONG. Baggy clothes make you look bigger. Period. The more material you pile on, the bigger you look like you are underneath it all.
Instead... Try flowy (not tight, but not baggy. Just loose)  tops and tighter pants.

Cotton Flowy top w/ Dolman Sleeve from Express
Stretch Skinnies from Express

Fabric can make or break an outfit. If you are self conscious about your mid section... Do not wear clothes with clinging fabric. (jersey, knit, ect...). Go for a fabric that falls nicely, like chiffon or cotton. Fabric that clings and highlights bumps and bulges are exactly opposite of what you should look for.

Cute Alandra blouse from Alloy, Perfect Material

Own it. Straight up yo.... ;) I know I sound like a broken record, and I myself hate hearing this when I'm feeling crappy. But IF you just act like you look great, you will feel great, and honesty you WILL look great. Attitude and how you carry yourself truly does affect how you look on the outside.

First day back at work, almost 6 wks Post Baby. Still have baby bump remaining. 
Cotton Oxford top frm JCPenny (similar)
X Long Tank frm Buckle
Jeggings fm Urban Wear @ Fashion Place Mall

I have to remember that I'm not hiding what bothers me about my body, I'm highlighting what I do like. :) Just pick a part  of your body you love and dress around that. If you love your calves, wear a cute skirt and heels. If you are uncomfortable with your arms, wear a loose sleeved blouse that highlights your neck. Get your hair done, or a give yourself a cute manicure! Just because you are feeling self conscious doesn't mean you don't deserve to feel great. You can feel amazing regardless of your insecurities. The most beautiful women (to me) aren't the skinniest or most toned or even the prettiest. They are the women who have that self confidence that radiates through them even while wearing sweats. Lets all take a lesson from them today! Love yourself!

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