Etsy Love- Suikwan

This month I have been LOVING all the unique jewelry on Etsy lately. I especially love a shop called Siukwan- Pretty Everyday Jewelry.
All the jewelry in the Siukwan shop is dainty and simple. I love finding jewelry that can match pretty much anything. Everything in the shop is also really well priced, average price point is around $15. Here are my 4 favorite items from the shop:

2. Gold Bar Bracelet- $10.00
3. Cheveron Necklace- $15.00

Adding great jewelry is the best way to finish an outfit! And you don't need to spend a lot of money! Finding things that will go with a bunch of outfits and then splurging for a couple fun trendy items is a great strategy to personalize your style.
Let me know if you find any great Etsy shops! and visit Suikwan to see the rest of their great pieces!


  1. Love this post! I am obsessed with Etsy! I did a post recently on a couple of my fave shops! I will definitely be checking out this shop! Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo Meghan

    1. I love your blog! You always have the best advice! :) Thanks for visiting!


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