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9 weeks post delivery I am working on getting back in shape! During my pregnancy I gained 42lbs. 2lbs over what my doctor wanted me to gain. :/ I've gotten rid of 32 baby pounds, and have 10 left to go before I'm down to my pre pregnancy weight, I am so excited to start feeling like my old self again BUT it is hard work!

The biggest thing I want to stress is that numbers (weight lost, weight gained) mean nothing. Health isn't a magic number. Too often we focus on numbers when it comes to exercise and health. Focus on getting healthy and fit, not being a certain weight. Healthy is subjective to each person. My healthy weight is different than another persons, and lower doesn't mean healthier. . . Remember that muscle weighs more than fat!!!
Here are a few things that have helped me to get back into shape:

1. Staying fit during Pregnancy! Lots of people think that you can't workout while pregnant, and although you should limit certain exercises... exercise is great for your pregnant body!!! Working out can help to prevent sore back muscles during pregnancy as well as help you to have an smoother delivery! I didn't work out as much as I should have during pregnancy (lets face it, once you get to that point where you can no longer sit up to your kitchen table because of your giant belly... you aren't super motivated to work out.) so take it from me... EXERCISE!!! I wish I would have more, it is so much easier to lose the belly if you do! I bought some DVDs that were awesome when I did have the energy to exercise. You can find them here! 

2. Breastfeed/Pump!!! Never have I seen or heard a better way to lose extra fat after giving birth. Especially because you cant exercise for at least 6 weeks after delivery! I started working out at 6.5 weeks post delivery, and had already lost 28lbs! (of course some of that was water and my 6lb baby) But that means that breastfeeding and natural reduction were solely responsible for that 28 pounds! It takes about 20 calories to produce 1oz of breast milk. I pump 30-35 oz a day, which means it burns 600-700 calories a day!! Breastfeeding also releases a hormone that encourages your uterus to shrink back down to its pre pregnancy size, which gets rid of that belly bump!

3. EAT RIGHT! Do not skip meals! Avoiding food will not help you lose baby weight. It will make you tired, reduce your milk supply, and hurt you in the long run! Eating regularly and healthy will help you to be energized when chasing around a baby AND help your body by giving it the fuel it needs to burn fat! Protein is important especially when breastfeeding! Eats lots of greens and drink WATER! Here is a great recipe for Lemon-Thyme Chicken, yummy AND healthy! (only 20 minutes to make!)

4. Make a schedule and hold yourself accountable! The best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is get fit! Lots of women don't work out after having a baby because they think exercise time will take away from their baby's time. But that is exactly opposite of the truth. Exercising regularly will energize, refresh, and improve your mood! Being fit will ensure you can keep up with your little one and help you to be happy and healthy for years and years to come! Your children will thank you for being healthy, set a good example! Take your baby on a walk! Do a quick video in the living room during their nap! It doesn't matter how, just get moving! You will be so happy you did! And there is no better time to start working out than now, even if you didn't exercise regularly before baby. . Start your good habits today :) (Livestrong has a 5 day workout plan for women on their website that I LOVE! click the link to view. You can do this weekly to start out, higher your weight and reps as you get more comfortable with the exercises)

Xtra tip:
Having cute workout clothes ALWAYS makes me more motivated to exercise!
Here is some Lulu love!

2. Power Up Tank- Lulu Lemon

Have a Healthy day!

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