Bill Checklist- Free Printable!

One thing that can be somewhat of a shock when you move out on your own is having to organize your finances. It can be scary if you dont have a way to keep track of all the bills and responsibilities you have.
I dont think you can realize how many bills come along with being a "grown up" until you experience it!
I love organizing, LOVE it. It feels so good to have everything put together and easily acsessible, and thats why I started tracking my bills with a checklist. We all have steady monthly bills that we pay EVERY month. But because there are so many to keep track of, it is easy to forget if we have paid them yet.

Click picture to Download!
With the Bill Checklist all you have to do is list your steady bills, and then each month check them off once you pay them. Then you dont have to look up your bank statement or keep every bill paper lying around the house. Just download the Free PDF (Click the picture) and print at home. :)
You can keep it in a household binder, or keep it on the fridge or in your wallet/checkbook. I love little steps toward an organized life!

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