The Arrival of Bennett L Heder!

Well January 9th came and went. And we realized that due dates are just lies... Nobody prepares you for that. You spend 9 months counting down to a single day, and then it just comes and goes!
Needless to say, I was ready to be done. The doctor scheduled us to come in to the hospital to be induced on Jan. 15th at 8pm, we would be 41 weeks.
So the day came!!!

 Even though I was excited, it was hard to say goodbye to Boss knowing when we saw him again he would no longer be an only child. So I made sure he had some cuddle time that day. Holy crap I was giant...
And 8 pm FINALLY rolled around, but alas.... the hospital got too busy and they told us to check back at 10.. :( It ended up being a good thing because when Ben got out of the car, his pants ripped!!! Completely open right down the back. poor guy. haha But because of the delay we were able to get him some new pants, it sure would have been funny to be in the delivery room with Ben's butt out there for everyone to see though. haha We went to Ihop after to wait and feast on pancakes!

10pm came! And we arrived at LDS Hospital, we went up to L&D and it was official! 

 Our room was GIANT! I was surprised, I had no idea you needed this much space to have a baby.

 Our nurses were amazing. I was so nervous when we arrived but as soon as I met and started talking to those 2 great ladies I felt so much more calm. Because I wasn't dialated at all they started me on a pill called Cytotec. Its actually a gastro intestinal medication, but it was been proven to start contractions and its commonly used to induce labor before they give a patient Pitocin. They gave me the pill at about 11pm, and then it was time to wait. Ben spent the next few hours like this:

 Finally at about 1am contractions started, and around 3am they were going CRAZY! The doc was shocked at the intensity of the contractions with just the Cytotec, so they decided to wait on the Pitocin and hope that the pill just gave me just enough of a kick start to go into labor on my own. And they were right!
Contractions kept going strong and I started dilating! It was pretty dang painful, thats for sure, but we didnt get the epidural til about 10am. I really could not lay there any longer without some relief. By then we were at 6cm dilated. I was so scared to get the epidural, and although it was not as painful as I thought it would be.. it was the weirdest feeling ever. Right when he was giving me the shot my water broke, and to be completely honest I thought I peed my pants. haha But you have to lay perfectly still during the epidural so I just layed there and didnt say anything, plus if I did wet the bed I didnt want to announce it with everyone standing there! So I waited til they were all finished and then I whispered it to Ben that I thought I peed! The nurse checked and said my water broke! Wayyyy better than wetting the bed. ha Labor went for another 3.5 hours.
By then we were at the 14 hour mark, and we were 9cm dilated! The nurse came in and checked and the little guy was still REALLY high, so she said we would have to wait until he dropped. A half hour later we were at a 10, and he hadnt dropped at all. We sat at 10cm dilated for 3.5 hours and at 5:00pm I could not wait any longer. The pressure was so bad I had to push. There was still one spot where I never felt the epidural hit, and the anesthesiologist tried and tried to get it to work but for some reason that spot never felt relief. It was too late now, and we started pushing! I dont think the nurses expected it to go so quickly but after a few good pushes, he was right there! And the doctor wasnt even in the room yet! I had Ben, my Mom, and my little sister Makenzie in the room and they all helped so much. Ben and Kenzie were holding my legs. It was surreal. The doctor came in just as Benentt made his arrival!

 Bennett Luis Heder was here! 5:36pm 6lbs 15oz 20inches

 It was the most amazing feeling to know he was here. The doctor layed him on my chest for a second, but the little guy refused to breathe, so they took him away and finally got him to start crying. What a stubborn kid! I didnt get to hold him until everything was cleaned up and done, but it was so worth the wait.

He was so beautiful, I could not believe he was finally here. 


  1. Sammie, Thanks for sharing your story! I loved reading it and seeing all the pictures, it just gets me excited to have my baby! Love you girl! :)

  2. What an amazing story! You have the cutest little family! Baby B is absolutely adorable! Hope all is going great and you guys are settling into a routine nicely!


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