Our Baby Story- First it was 2

Well, I'm finally getting around to completing the epic story of our little man. Now that he is here I guess I can't put it off any longer. haha So here it is. Hopefully one day he will appreciate having this little piece of our history.
Since the day I knew I loved Ben, I also knew I could not wait to have kids with him. Anyone who has ever known Ben knows that he is the funniest, friendliest guys ever. He is so fun to be around, especially when there are kids involved. Ben LOVES kids, and they love him. (most the time. haha)
Fast forward a year and a half after our wedding. We were on a little trip back to Utah from Washington (where we lived at the time) and as we were driving the long 15+ hours back to the land of rain we both realized that it was time to start our little family. Little did we know it would be a longer journey that either of us realized.
More than a year later, there was no baby in sight. Over that year there was a lot of bumps in the road, a miscarriage, a number of medical issues, a couple of moves, and countless thoughts of fear, confusion, and worry. Ben of course, was optimistic the whole time and constantly reminded me of God's timing and trusting in our Father in Heaven. Looking back now I have no idea why I was so worried, I shouldve known our Father knew what was best for our little family. But, things are always clearer once the storms pass us.
April 2012 came along, and we left for the weekend on vacation with Caleb and Dany Heder and a couple friends to Colorado. While we were away Ben received a phone call informing him that he would deploy to Afghanistan May 1st that same year. About a month away. That was a scary month, that is for sure. I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare for something like this. We had spent the majority of our marriage apart, but never did he stay in another country and especially not for 6 whole months. BUT we knew it would eventually happen and we knew that it was all apart of the plan.
We spent the month getting everything ready for his departure and spending every available moment together. I will never forget the fun things we did that month. It was definitely a special time, and even though it was easy to suddenly remember it would end soon and start getting sad, I think we did a good job of just living in the moment that few weeks. All this time I was getting to the point where I was convinced we just would never be pregnant. And even though I hid it from everyone but Ben, I could never stop thinking about it.
 On May 2nd 2012 Ben left for Afghanistan. 
And on May 7th 2012 I woke up and for some reason decided to take a pregnancy test... for the 100th time. and Guess what?!

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