Our Baby Story- Ben Is HOME!

Well, the summer passed and it was time for Ben to come home!!! :)
On September 29th 2012 BEN CAME HOME!!!
Daddy was SO excited to meet his little boy. I was worried about Ben thinking it was weird to come home to be large and prego, but he didn't act different at all. The feeling of being able to hug and kiss my husband was the greatest feeling in the whole world. It finally felt like this was all real and we were about to expand our little family, I was so happy to be together again.
After Ben got home we went straight into baby mode! We got everything ready for our little man. We finally decided for sure on his name too!
Bennett Luis Heder was officially going to join us. :)
I love his name, So SO much. we had a couple options that we were thinking of, but the second we said this one out loud it was history. I will do a post on Bennett's name soon. Because it is kind of a long story. haha But, for now my favorite part of his name is what it means. Bennett is french and means Blessed, and Luis is Spanish and means Warrior. So Bennett Luis = Blessed Warrior

Time kept going and we had a few baby showers and figured out his nursery. & It seemed that with each of these events his arrival just got more and more real! And I just got bigger and BIGGER>

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