Hospital Prepardeness!

Well only 11 days til our due date! :)
I decided to finally write my hospital bag post. Ive packed according to the research I've done on blogs and baby websites, sometime after the big day I'll do a post on what I acutally ended up needing and what I didn't. A lot of the lists I've found are super outdated, so hopefully this helps someone one day. :)  (Just FYI, I've put links to most of the things we are taking or similar items. Just click the highlighted words to see options.)

By the door I have a Grab and Go list posted so we are sure to hopefully not forget anything. haha

All together we are bringing my hospital bag, Ben's backpack, our breast pump bag, the diaper bag, and the car seat.

  1. Ben's backpack, in Ben's bag there is a change of clothes for him, his kindle, and a few small snacks. The Camera and Camcorder are both in Ben's bag as well. CHARGERS FOR PHONES AND CAMERA (i am still paranoid we will forget chargers, idk why.)
  2. My hospital bag contains almost everything you see.
  3. Breastfeeding pillow (similar to the Boppy)
  4. Ring Sling that my friend Beth made me. Similar to Sakura Bloom Ring Slings
  5. Camera Bag
  6. Nursing Shirts, gowns, nursing bra, & robe.
  7. Baby Day Call List! (list of people to text/call after the baby arrives, so we dont forget anyone)
  8. Thank you bags for our nurses. 
  9. Socks with grippy bottoms
  10. Nursing pads, and Sanitary pads
  11. Soft shirts/pants for going home
  12. Make up bags/glasses
  13. Medela Lanolin CreamGel Pads
  14. BKE Lounge Sweats
  15. Breast Pump- Medela Pump in Style Advanced
There are a few things in the Breast Pump bag.
The breast pump we decided we wanted was the Medela Pump in Style Advanced (Messenger bag, it comes in a backpack style, and a metro bag style.)
It came with Everything in the picture below: We also are taking the Medela Storage bags

Deciding what clothing I needed to bring was the hardest part. I finally decided on a few essentials.

  1. Sweat set, Im taking my BKE Lounge set because they are super soft and loose. Here is a similar set, just light gray.
  2. Soft tops and Yoga Pants for going home, nothing that would squeeze too tight or be uncomfortable.
  3. Traction socks (a lot of people said to bring slippers, but I HATE slippers. So i decided on these as a good alternative.)
  4. Robe, So i wont be flashing anyone in that dang hospital gown everytime I need to get up. haha
In my make up bag I packed the basics

  1. Kotex pads for that lovely visit I've been dreading missing for 9 months.
  2. Germ X hand sanitizer
  3. Glasses and Case, Contact solution and xtra contacts.
  4. Hair Ties and Bobby pins
  5. Deoderant
  6. Face Wash
  7. Make up remover pads. These are great to help you feel less gross when you cant take an actual shower.
  8. Make Up and chapstick
  9. Excedrine and Midol Just in case.

I decided to make little treat Thank You Bags for the Nurses that help us while we are there. I figure the nicer you are to them the nicer they are to you. haha ;) But really, nurses do A LOT and hardly ever get thanked. So i hope they enjoy them. :)

Here is the Diaper bag all packed and ready! The things we have in there are:
  1. Blankets
  2. Socks
  3. Newborn Hats
  4. A few onsies
  5. a going home outfit
  6. Mittens
  7. Regular diaper bag stuff (even though most things the hospital will provide, I wanted everything all ready.)
And here is the cute little seat we will get to put him in, in just a few days!!!

I'm SO excited I cant even handle it. It feels like we are bringing a TON of stuff, and i'm sure we wont need it all, but I'll update after the day comes! :) Better safe than sorry right?


  1. Are you planning on nursing or just pumping? Because if you are planning on nursing you don't want to use your pump for a good week or more after having your baby. Your baby nursing from you will make your milk come in faster. The pump won't. :) I didn't have half of what you are taking and we didn't need it. :) Good luck!! It's the best experience in the world!! :)

  2. Ya, school starts next week and I'm not taking a ton of time off work. So the doctor suggested we start pumping immediately along with nursing. The lactation consultant wants it with us at the hospital. So, we are just doing what they suggest in order to build up a good supply already frozen so i can be at work and school. Thanks!

  3. OH my that will be so hard! I'm sorry!! I have to pump at work and it's the so tough to stay positive about it! Good luck!! I would start right away also!! Ps..you look super cute pregnant and the nursery is adorable!!


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