Diaper Bag Project!

Hi Everyone!
I am currently in the process of making a Diaper bag/Hospital Bag/ S.O
(significant other) bag post! I have gathered info from pretty much every baby site I can find and hope to make a great list of suggestions for hospital preparedness  Of course I'll be able to test its efficiency in about 6 weeks. :D AHHH! But I am excited to find out if all this advice is true or not!
My diaper bag is a Petunia Pickle Bottom in the Boxy Backpack style, color is Moroccan Mint. 

My hospital bag that Ben got me is a Steve Madden overnight bag. (We found it at Marshalls, I can't find a link to it anywhere as of yet)

I'm excited to fill them up! Look out for the official post!

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  1. Hi I'm Alexis! your newest follower! Found you through spearmint baby! I Love your blog! and your hospital bag is adorable!!!


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