Cauldron Cake Pop Tutorial

We went to dinner at Ben's parents house on Sunday and for the dinner I decided to make Cauldron Cake Pops.

I make my cake pops in a Babycakes Cake Pop maker. I have found it to be really easy to use, but you have to be quick, because it cooks these babies FAST!
I bought mine at Kohls. Here is a link to the maker on amazon.

I just use regular cake mix, but the BabyCakes maker comes with a book of recipes. Click here for my cake mix tips.
I added purple coloring to white mix, this is what the pops look like straight from the maker:

To cool the pops I put them in a bowl in the freezer. Having the pops super cold helps when you dip them. It is really easy to rip them open while dipping especially in chocolate. So frozen is best!

To dip the pops I buy Wilton Candy melts (you can get them from Joanns or Walmart or really anywhere!)

The melts come in the form of little drops. They melt in the microwave. I keep them warm at the right consistency in a fondue warmer.

To dip the pops you first need to dip the tip of the sticks into the chocolate. I use lolipop sticks (again from Joanns or Walmart or any craft store.) They look like this:

I let it sit a few seconds to have the chocolate harden a bit and then insert it into the pop. Then dip the pop straight into the chocolate. BE GENTLE. They are delicate, and be careful not to dip them too far or coat them too thick. If the pop is too heavy it will rip off of the stick. For this pop I needed the top flat so I layed the pops on the top to cool on a sheet of wax paper. (For round pops i buy a piece of foam and stick them straight in to cool off)

I then put the pops on a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet and into the fridge. The pops need to be cool before you add more decoration to them.
After they cool they will be flat on the top and completely hardened.

To make the cauldron I first melt some orange candy melts and put it in a piping bag (you can also put in a zip lock bag and cut the corner really small) I piped "Fire" on the bottom of the cauldrons and back into the fridge they went.

The last step I pushed them into a block of foam so they were now right side up. I melted Lime Green Candy melts and piped them (this time with a bigger tip) onto the top of the pops. I placed candy bones in the green chocolate. (You could use any candy or none at all)
Ta da! They are done!

Put them (while still in the foam block) in the fridge to cool and harden. I then wrap them in plastic covers(Wilton brand from joanns or any store)

You can tie them with ribon or twist ties!

To display I usually buy a round syrofoam ball and place in a vase. Then arrange the pops in the ball. (I forgot to take a picture this time..)

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