28 Weeks! & Disneyland!

We hit 28 weeks on 10/17/2012!
I forgot to take a wall picture. But I snapped this one this morning. LOVE this blazer and my new boots!

Boots: Fergie Ledger Too Blazer: Forever 21, Shirt: Target Maternity
Jeggings: Urban Wear, Watch: Fossil @ Buckle

How far along? 28 weeks!
Total weight gain: 106 to 130! 24 POUNDS!!!!!
Maternity clothes? Yes Sir! and I am feeling a lot more comfortable in clothes this past week.
Sleep: I am hardly ever tired enough to fall asleep at night lately, but I am so tired in the moring.
Best moment this week: Finishing the apartment. FINALLY. Now we just need to complete the nursery and we are set!
Miss Anything? Not having to worry about bending over correctly and fitting into tables. haha I keep getting squished!
Movement: All the time. Ultra sound lady couldnt get him to hold still long enough to even get a good picture. He is nuts. I am worried he already has ADHD..... ha
Food cravings: Water WATER
Anything making you queasy or sick: teeth. haha idk why but anything having to do with teeth lately has made me so sick to my stomach.
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: Just Braxton hicks a few times a day. Nothing painful. Just wierd.
Symptoms: Just being uncomfortable sitting, and my legs swell when I wear heels. Which is getting annoying....
Happy or Moody most of the time: Super Emotional this week!
Looking forward to: Maternity Pics next month!

This week was so fun! We left for Disneyland on Thursday and came home Sunday night.
My parents were seriously SO AMAZING for taking all of us on the trip, all of my siblings came and my sister's husband. It was fun to be able to be all together. My grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle and their 4 kids came too. So my Mom's whole side of the family went!
The flight was perfect because it was only about an hour, I dont think I could have sat much longer than that. But the trip all together was fun and relaxing. It sure was a workout though, I didnt realize how much walking would impact me!
It was so fun to see Ben experience Disneyland for the first time, he had a blast! haha

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  1. Yay so fun!! :) You look so cute!

    XOXO, Mariah



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