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I can't believe Sept is already here!
Things (like usual) are crazy. But most of the stuff happening is exciting so thats ok.

First of all, Ben gets home in approximately 24 days. Give or take a few, we still haven't gotten a for sure date yet. But we know its sometime that week. Which is SO exciting!
The weekend before he gets home I need to move out of our current apartment, Which is stress-tastic.... But i'm excited to have twice as much room, because we need it. Badly...

We have almost 100% planned little B's nursery, and let me just say.. it is going to be AWESOME! Like super awesome. Ben and I have combined the sweetest ideas, and we are basically nursery building experts now. ;)

Next week is 6 months prego! It feels crazy to only have 3 months and some change left of this journey. But 3 months left is just fine with me.

I have officially gained 14.5 pounds. and With this extra baby poundage, I have basically needed to completely revamp my wardrobe choice... I'm actually starting to become pretty good at this bump dressing situation. One thing i do not like is typical maternity clothes, mostly because they are made for women who are much more "womanly" than me. A couple places that I've found to be excellent places for key prego items are:

Forever 21, I have found some great things at this store for prego outfits. I recently bought a couple blazers and they have a excess of baggier and longer shirts to wear with leggings and skinnies. LOVE it.

One of the most surprising places I have found a couple great pieces is Target. I recently found a way cute dress that actually fits very well! I wore it this Sunday with a 3/4 sleeve jacket. The great thing about Target is that the pieces are a great price! (which is good if you are only planning on wearing them for a couple of  months.)

Third love of the day is Pea in the Pod. I love this store. It is more expensive than the last 2, but they have some great pieces you can wear with a bunch of outfits. I can't wait til fall actually starts, most of the things i've found there are for cooler weather. 

I just can't wait for boots and layers and jackets. Layers and pregnant go together very well. Mostly i'm just excited I wont be so dang hot all the time. Summer stinks when your a walking oven! 

I started Fall semester a few weeks ago, and so far I'm doing awesome. No procrastination was the goal, and i've been doing pretty good. I just need to keep it up once Ben gets home, even when we were dating and engaged.. it seems I get A's when he is away and B's and C's when he is home... I dont think that is a coincidence.. haha Why do homework when you have a Hot husband at home? but in all seriousness, I'm gonna keep this good streak up for this semester. 

Ok now that this post is a mile long..... I will end with that. September is gonna fly by (fingers crossed) and then Benny is home to Boss, Little Benny, and Me. :) 

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