Your Choice

Our life the past week has been an adventure. You don't ever know when life is going to drop a bomb. Something that could potentially change your life. And you don't ever expect it to happen to you. But I've learned this week that nobody is an exception.
I have grown more in the last 6 days than I have in the last 6 months, and I have never been more grateful for my Father in Heaven. Even at the most scary and unsure moments in our lives, he is always present. You will ALWAYS see his hand as long as your eyes are open to his love. I have learned that the times I have felt alone are the times I was too prideful or angry or stubborn to recognize my Heavenly Fathers blessings. I am loved by Him. And he shows me every day. And no matter the struggle or heartache or worry, he is my strength and will NEVER leave me comfortless. And that is why

I choose to be grateful
I choose to be faithful
I choose to be taught
I choose to be loved
I choose to be happy.

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