Random Happy

Today basically stunk. So I've been thinking of things to look forward to.
and I ended up being really excited! There are so many fun things to look forward to in the next little while.

So, something that I LOVE that is a little weird... is new Bedding. I love new sheets, new pillows, new comforters. I love love LOVE new bedding. And today I picked out and bought a whole new bedding set for our move pretty soon. It is adorable, and I got an amazing deal. I saved $398 dollars! I knew saving up discounts would pay off! I can't wait to move so i can open up all the new bedding. Best thing ever.
Here it is. I got everything in the picture and new pillows and spent less than just the comforter would have been! :) Ben was so proud. ha

The next thing I am looking forward to is BEN COMING HOME!!!!! And a few weeks after Ben comes home my Dad is taking my family to Disneyland :) Because Ben has never gone before. We leave on October 17th, and I am so excited! It is going to be so fun to be with Ben the first time he goes there. :)
I'm excited to go there in October, because we've been there during every other time of the year, but not during HALLOWEEN. :) I love halloween. 

Speaking of Halloween.... I'm SO exited for Halloween!!! I've never been a fan of dressing up. But i think Fall decorations are so fun! 

I'm so exited for August and September to fly by! I just want Ben to come home and all the fun to Start!!!

Look how cute he is. :( I miss this guy. 

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