Oh BOY!!!

Well it has taken me FOREVER to finish this little post. But, i wanted to remember finding out you were a boy.
With Ben being gone and missing everything up to this point, i really wanted to make finding out the gender special.  He feels so far away and anything we think of something that makes him feel closer it is awesome!
So we decided that I would not find out the gender in the Ultra sound, and instead the ultra sound tech would tell my mom but I would keep my eyes closed during the whole thing. After the ultra sound, we planned that my mom would go to the store to buy a Jack in the Box and decorate the inside in either Pink or Blue.  She would drop it off at my apartment, and when Ben was available to Skype that night we would pop that sucker open together! :)
So the master plan was created!
So... July 11th was the day! The ultra sound took FOREVER. Because my sweet sweet baby decided he was going to place his feet conveniently over his privates, as well as stick his butt wherever we need to look. It was so ridiculous, he would lift one leg and we would think "finally we are going to find out", but he would immediately snap it back down into position. The ultra sound tech ended up leaving the room 3 times in order to let me try and get the baby to move! I tried jumping up and down, and pushing him, and doing evey embarrassing dance move I could think of.  And finally after all of that, he decided to let us sneek a peek! Stubborn little guy!  It was so hard to keep my eyes closed, but i am so happy that i had NO idea what they saw!
so later that day we were able to Skype, and i was so nervous that i couldn't look at the Jack in the Box while i opened it, it was so fun to look and see little blue ribbons!!


I knew since the second i found out we were pregnant that it was a boy. Idk how, and i still can't explain the feeling. But i just have always thought of you as a boy, and if i tried to think of you as a girl it would just feel wrong.  It was amazing to hear that my feelings were confirmed, and i am so excited to see what my little boy will be like.  You are everything we have every dreamed of, and it is surreal to thinik about all of our dreams coming true.  Your mommy and daddy love you little boy. You are our tiny piece of Heaven, and I already love you more than you will ever know. I will never forget looking at you on that screen and imagining your little face, and hands, and personality. I am so excited to meet you. Until then, we are ANXIOUSLY waiting! Love you peanut. xoxo


  1. So exciting! With my first Gavin, I knew from the time I got pregnant he was a boy. Don't know how but I know that feeling like I'd think "It might be a girl, nope it's a boy" When we had the ultrasound the doctor swept the wand over my belly in two swipes and went oh do you see what it is? I said it's a boy isn't it? and he said yep. I also only ever had one name for him so it was perfect. We're so excited for you guys and can't wait to see what your little man looks like. With such attractive parents he's sure to be a looker, time to get a beating stick ready already to keep the ladies away! Congratulations!

  2. I am SO excited you are having a boy!! I am even more excited to see what he looks like! (Incredibly CUTE is a given) I love the jack in the box idea, SO cute! I am so so so excited for you two!


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