2 Years.

I cannot believe I am posting this, because I cannot believe it has already been 2 years!

August 18th 2010

Our 2 year anniversary is today, and I am filled with all kinds of emotions.

Mostly I have just been thinking about how grateful I am that we made the decisions that we have made. I am grateful for the opportunity we had to be sealed in the house of the Lord. I am so happy we were married in the temple. I cannot even try to express in words how amazing and sacred that is to me.
It is such a relief and comfort to know that our family will be together forever. A lot of people ask me how I cope with Ben being gone, and i usually laugh and say DVR or Boss or random hobbies.  But in all truthfulness, the moment I found out Ben was leaving.... my first thought wasn't angry or scared or nervous. My first thought was that everything was going to be alright, because no matter what happened or what trials came about.. we would be together forever. And that knowledge has pushed me through some of the hardest days of my life.
I try not to think about the things that go on in Afghanistan, I try not to imagine the heart ache and pain of families who's loved ones do not return. But, I know that no matter the outcome of our lives, we have a Father who loves us and his plan is perfect. I'm so thankful that Ben made the temple a goal in his life. I'm thankful he served a full time mission. I'm thankful he holds the priesthood. I'm thankful he loves his Heavenly Father. I'm thankful we chose to be sealed in the Temple and thus create our own eternal family. I would have never been able to imagine the feeling of knowing our son is ours forever.

After 2 years, I can honestly say that I am blessed. We are blessed. We have been through a lot in our short little lives. And being apart on this special day is hard. I wish I could be with Ben to celebrate our growth and love, but we have the rest of forever. And that is more than anyone could ever ask for. I love you Benjamin Heder. You are my biggest fan, and I am yours. Thank you for helping me to become better, thank you for sharing such an amazing life with me. I would not want to share this life with anyone else. You will always be my first choice. xoxo

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  1. I loved this! I love you two! You guys are such good examples to Rob and I! We need to get together more often and especially when Ben gets home :) Love you!!


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