Bum Central

Today I am bummed. Super bummed. Boss and I looked at houses all day, which normally would be awesome. But i just kept thinking about how Ben should be here. How I shouldn't have to find a place for us to live by myself.  This should be so fun for us to do together. How often do you pick out your first house? But alas, Ben is gone.
33 days.
That's how many days of this crazy life he has been away so far.  Our baby is growing so quickly, and so is my previously tiny tummy. He is going to come home to a completely different person! I don't know how i feel about that.
I guess I need to make some hash browns and drown my bum-ness in ketchup and apple juice.

Enough of that.  Life is not horrible. Life is great. Sometimes i just need a break from being an optimist.

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