Easy? What is that?

Life never stands still. . . . That is the theme of our life.
It seems like every time we get something figured out, something else just pops up right in its place. Or multiplies. ha
I've never been someone who enjoys things that are easy. i like a challenge. I like being able to feel like i'm always working on something and accomplishing something.  I am pretty comfortable saying that I truly believe that I can, and we can, do anything that Heavenly Father puts in front of us. However...this past month i have really found myself questioning the strength that we have.
Moving to Utah has been a struggle.
It took us a good while to figure out what we were going to do with work, and what we were going to do with school. And this last month we finally felt like we have found a good place with both of those things! Phew. :)
What a huge relief it has been to feel like we are on a good path.
and then.............
our world got rocked, for what seems like the billionth time.
Four weeks ago Ben received a phone call, and we were informed that he is getting deployed.
He will be going to Afghanistan for 6 months next spring.
And we were shocked. ha to say the least.
We had made so many plans, and finally figured out so many things. and the only thing that kept running through my head was "now what?". I've been asking myself that question for 4 weeks.
And up until 2 days ago, i still had not figured out the answer.
BUT I finally feel like i know the solution.
Now What? Now we just keep going. Keep living. Keep doing what feels right.
We can do anything.
I'll be there for Ben and he'll be there for me. and we will live our abnormal life. ha
normal is overrated anyway. ;)
I'm so game for whatever life throws at us.
Bring it on.
6 months compared to eternity is nothing.
I love you Ben. And i'm on board.


  1. No fun! You guys are strong people and I know you'll be stronger for the experience! (Don't you hate it when people say things like that about things that are really going to suck? But seriously, you'll survive.)

  2. I'm sorry! You guys are amazing! I know you guys can do it!


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