Dany's Room

It is only one week til we move into the new house!! Everyone is super excited but there is a gagillion things to do. Dany is getting a Bedroom Make-Over! :) I'm making a new bedroom set for her and yesterday I finally finished the comforter top and one of many accent pillows.

I'm super excited about it! Look soon for the complete product!!!!! :)


Heder Happenings. . .

Well there are about a billion things going on. Since we've moved to Utah i have pretty much dropped off the blog wagon. haha (get it... band wagon...blog wagon. bahaha)
Well to start off.... We Now live in Erda! :) I know what you are thinking.... WHERE IS ERDA? well here it is:

Right now we are living with Ben's parents and on July 1st we are moving into their new house. We are renting the basement apartment. :) Here it is:

Isn't it cute? :) Its only a few streets away from where they are living now, we are all really excited.
We have loved living with Ben's parents and siblings. Its been really great to be close to family again after being away for so long. I love it!
Look at these cute kiddos!!!

Boss LOVES country life! He looks so cute frolicing through the fields. Its hilarious how small he is compared to the tall grass. And for some reason the little guy thinks the horses are his best friends. Its adorable. 

Next, Ben and I both registered for school! :) WHOOOHOOOO I am so ready to finish. Only 1 1/2 years and school is dunzo! That is such a great feeling. And i'm really excited to be students together. 

Next, this fall I am starting an exercise group for pre-school aged kids! Its called Sam's Kids Kamp. Each week i'll teach the kids about different sports and exercises as well as let them try different fruits and veggies. Basically its focused on teaching kids great health habits early. I am so excited. This is the link to the blog: 

This summer is going to be AWESOME! I'm so glad to have Ben back for good, and i'm so glad to be back in Utah close to our families. We are amazingly blessed. And i'm grateful for everything Heavenly Father has blessed us with. :)
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