I wish it was Monday.....

You know those fridays that just make you wish it could be monday?
Ya, i never have them either. . . haha BUT today is one of those.
I usually enjoy friday.
But ya know when your husband goes to Hawaii without you?

And when you have to work every day this weekend?

And when you put your favorite yogurt in the freezer thinking it will make "Frozen Yogurt" because you are indeed FREEZING YOGURT. And then you take it out of the freezer to discover that it isn't delicious FROZEN YOGURT. it is a brick of what used to be delicious yogurt.

 So because you are impatient you start eating the brick instead of just letting it thaw a bit, and then because it is a brick your spoon slips off of the NOT FROZEN YOGURT FROZEN YOGURT and slices your hand? But its not so bad because you have a Sponge-bob band aid handy. :)

And you have to schedule a doctors appointment, which always gets me in a less than perfect mood. 

And your little puppy WONT STOP BARKING AT THE DOOR. because there are people moving in the apartment next to us. So they are making noise that apparently Boss interprets as the end of the world.

But its ok, because he is sure CUTE!

Long story told, i wish it was Monday already. 

1 comment:

  1. I went to the mall twice this week and looked for you in there but you weren't there either time.


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