Pacifier Clips :)

So last night i decided to make a quilt. For Ben's sis. and I did, it turned out REALLY CUTE. I want to keep it. :( haha But since she won't get it for a week or so i'm gonna wait to post pics. :) Be excited though, I'm pretty proud of it.
BUT also last night I decided to try my hand at pacifier clips. :) and i made a few. here is one:

Anyway, still sewing like crazy. ha Which is kinda dumb since i have NOTHING to do with all this stuff. SO ALL YOU PEOPLE START HAVING BABIES! ha seriously though....


  1. Those are super cute clips. Seriously, it's hard to find good ones.

    You know, it is possible to sew stuff that's not baby related... Just a thought. ;)

    Seriously a talent I wish I had. You're a useful person to have around!

  2. You should just make a baby website and sell your amazing creations!! I want all of your stuff!!

  3. You are amazing! I checked out your things at Etsy and they are so cute! So talented!!


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