More Than Words.

19 and 1/2 years ago my Mom and Dad went into the hospital and 52 hours of labor later...... 
They had ME! :) i was worth the 52 hours. ha

Its true, I can't really remember 19 years ago. . . But ever since I can remember...I have been absolutely in love with my dad.  Today is his 44th Birthday, and I have been thinking back on the amazing life he has given me all day long. 

I have always wanted to make him proud. I would ask him every question I could think of, just to feel like I was important. I would beg him to take me to work, even though he would tell me over and over how boring it was going to be.

Being the "problem" child in the family (i know! Me! the problem child!? must be joke....)... I had more times they I can remember when my dad would take me on a drive or to get ice cream, just him and me, and he would talk to me about why I shouldn't be rude to my sisters and how Princesses never act like that.
And that is the best thing I think my dad has ever taught me. If you want to be a princess you have to act like one. Because we all have to make a choice every day in every situation... Are we going to be Princesses or Witches. My dad was always there to remind me which one would be the best choice.

He taught be A LOT of other cool stuff too:
Like why the best of  Jewel and Pink Floyd belong in every CD collection
How important education is
That an A is good, but an A+ is ALWAYS better.
That you can choose your actions but you can't choose your consequences.
That kissing pictures don't belong in wedding invitations.
That I want to be a builder not a wrecker.
That there is only one chance to have a first reaction.
That opinions have a correct time and place to be shared.
That you don't have to tell everyone exactly what you are thinking 24/7.
That we should always assume people are trying to do good.
That its always better to do a great job the 1st time.
That judging others is the fastest way to be judged.
That we can ONLY choose how we act.
That I can't control everything. Even if I try.
That is it ALWAYS dumb to put the cart before the horse.... (i think i've learned that one more than a few times...)
That our work ethic reflects on who we are as a person as well as reflects on our family.
That no matter what, placing God first will always produce the best outcome.
and many many more.

My dad is the best man I know. He is someone I respect and look up to, and I know that when he says he'll do something... He will do it. I know he loves our Heavenly Father. I know he loves my Mom. And i know he loves me. 

On August 18th 2010, as i sat listening to my Dad speak at my wedding luncheon, in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.. the temple (my own Castle) glistening behind him... My Dad told of how he always reminded me to choose to be a Princess.  He asked Ben to remember i was a Princess, even on days when I forget.. . That day, i definitely felt like a Princess. 
I can honestly say that without my dad reminding me over and over throughout my life. I would have forgotten... and the hard days would have been harder, the sad days even more sad, and who knows where I would be. 
I have been blessed with the best kind of Dad, a dad that can teach and discipline.. but still remain my best friend. and I will forever be grateful for the amazing example he has set for me. 
 I love him, and I will always be his princess. 

Happy 44th Birthday to my Knight in Shinning Armor. 


  1. Ok this is the cutest blog post ever! What an amazing guy! But of course he'd have to be amazing to have amazing girls like you and your sister, I'm sure the rest are amazing also but I only know you guys :D

  2. What a great blog post! You are so blessed to have such a fantastic Dad!

  3. What a beautiful blog post! You made my day! :)


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