Let Freedom RING

Lets take a trip back to last June. Ben and I were engaged, and I was thinking about how excited I was to pick out his wedding ring. :)  Everyone that has spent a good amount of time with me knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE JEWELRY. I mean, i am my mother's daughter. That woman knows more about the 4 Cs than anyone I've met. (p.s. if you don't know the 4 c's look it up. Its quality info to be familiar with.) 
Ben spent so much time picking out my ring. I didn't have one clue about what it looked like. Although I begged  asked politely, nobody would tell me..He wanted to make sure it was perfect. :) plus, he knew how picky I was with jewelry, so he was extra careful. AND I LOVE IT!! 
So i had to make sure I took that much care and effort in picking out his. And i found it. Funny, because I ended up finding it at Shane Co. (my most favorite jewelery store....delicious) and thats where Ben got mine too! Mr. Shane never disappoints. I was so glad I found the perfect ring. And they matched perfectly with each other. :) see? Ben's ring is actually a variation of this one. His has smaller squares with matte and shinny alternating slats... i couldn't find it on their website. but i found mine!

Now lets go back to the present. . . Ben is at Ground School, and since in his job he is flying all over in huge military planes. Its not a smart idea to be wearing any kind of jewelery.. something about getting your fingers yanked off. I know, their priorities are messed up.. Not to mention he is at school with a bunch of airmen, some smart and nice... some.... not so much. So taking anything valuable with you is risky business.  (Ben's cousin Caleb actually had his wedding ring stolen while he was deployed a couple months ago :/ rude.) So Ben left his wedding ring here with me. 
It made me really sad to think he wouldn't be wearing it. So for Valentines Day I bought him a "work ring" :) It is just a sterling silver band that he can wear while he is on missions that wont make me sick if it gets taken or broken or lost. Its a whole lot cheaper than the white gold one. ha That made me feel better knowing that he could still have a piece of home with him. 
It has also left me with some comfort having his ring. I've been wearing it on a chain since he left. and i love feeling like i have a little part of my Ben with me every day. :) 

Its all scratched up! it needs a good polish!

I'll be keeping it safe until he gets back . :)


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