I Love Benji!

In honor of Valentines Day I decided to dedicate a post to my wonderful husband Ben.

Here are some facts about Ben:
-His full name is Benjamin Luis Heder, named after his grandpa Luis. :)
-He is the most amazing singer. When i was in Jr. High, and Ben was in high school, there were girls I knew that were his age that literally talked about him 24/7. They were convinced he was their own personal Josh Groban. I remember being so annoyed and thinking that this "Ben kid" couldn't be that great. haha ironic....
-He loves his family SO much. He loves being there for them, and I know that if anyone in his family asked him for ANYTHING, he would be there in a snap.
-He has an amazing smile.
-He serves in the US Air Force as an Air Med Evac.
-He is a great dancer. I love watching him salsa. I wish I wasn't so dang bad at it, I know he wishes we could go dancing all the time.
-He talks A LOT. and i love it. It gives my voice a break, since usually i'm the one always talking. ha
-He is incredibly smart.
-He has such a strong testimony. I am amazed at how easily he can trust that everything is going to work out as long as we stay faithful. He teaches me so much.
-He is thoughtful. He always thinks of ways to surprise me with things.
-He is the CLEANEST guy i've ever met. He always (usually) cleans up after himself and helps around the house.
-We met about 7 years ago, when i was in 8th grade. And through all that time he has always been a gentleman to me.
-He is kind to everyone, even people that make him mad or frustrated.
-He doesn't get overwhelmed with silly stuff, it definitely helps keep me grounded.
-He is patient.
-He is good at arguing (one of my definite FAVORITE things about him. and i'm not being sarcastic. I can't stand arguing with people that don't know the technique. and since its pretty much my favorite extra curricular activity.... its very important that my hubby is at least decent at it)
-He is a great listener. I cant count the number of times i've called him and just ranted for hours without him getting mad or annoyed.
-He is a true Romantic
-He always take interest in my hobbies. He will pick out fabric with me or play tennis. He even helps me pick out clothes. I love it. Even though i know it is usually boring as heck for him he always acts like he had fun. ha
-He has great taste. He always jokes about how i'd let him pick out my outfit, but he wouldn't let me pick out his. haha
-He is so much fun! everyone has fun with him and he is always the life of the party. :)

And lastly he is DANG SEXY! ha
He may not be perfect but he is definitely perfect for me. :) I love you Ben. Thanks for being my husband & best friend.

I'm one lucky girl ;) ha


  1. (lol apparently I messed up the first comment)

    Sammie you two are adorable =)it has always seemed to me like you found a fairy tale and you're living it!! Complete with a prince charming and a never failing positive outlook on everything. Whenever I see something from you on Facebook you are always happy and reminding me why I should count my blessings and SMILE =) thanks!

  2. I'm so glad you're so happy Sammie! It sounds like you married a wonderful guy! Congratulations. LOVE YOU!


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