T for Test

So, I started my final for my Personal Training Certificate today. and I really hope i did well. i took the practice final yesterday and got 94%, so hopefully thats a good sign. haha Even though i was a whole lot more nervous, because the final was wayyyyyyyyy longer.
My next cert is Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I'm excited to start it, it should be a fun class. :)  I got my books out yesterday and luckily its shorter than the Personal Training one. phew....
But i should be done with my whole Master Trainer in June. fingers crossed. ha

I started working at L.A. Fitness last week, and I have to say.... I LOVE IT.  I'm just working in their Kids Club right now, while shadowing some trainers and helping with some classes so i can get the feel for it before diving in. ha  I can't wait to start my own classes. So far I feel really good about it. And to make it even better, while i'm waiting i get to play with babies!!! Yahoooo! Most of the kids that come are under 6, but yesterday we had a BUNCH of babies. I'm excited to learn more, and get some good working experience!


  1. That's awesome! I keep thinking I should work in that direction, but I never get around to it. We'll have to talk sometime.

  2. I bet you did awesome! And That is so crazy Sammie! I am so proud of you! Wahoo!


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