Our Home!

Ok, so its taken me FOREVER, but today I decided I should finally take some pictures of our apartment. I know. we've lived here for 5 months.... BUT, better late than never! Right? RIGHT.
This is mostly for my family and friends who have asked for pics because they are far away, but also for Ben since he hasn't been home for a long time, and things have changed.

This is the Front of our Apartment Building:

This is the Floor Plan to our Apartment, so the pictures will make a ton more sense. haha

Here is our entry way:

The 2nd Bedroom aka Craft Room:

Our STUFFED to the brim closet. haha we will never have enough room for all our stuff

And the Main Bathroom:

And next the Kitchen,

And then the Living Room:

Boss's Play corner. ha

And Our Bedroom:

If anyone has suggestions for the plain/boring wall behind our bed let me know! I can't find any yellow art work. :/

This is one of like 14 frames that have yet to house pictures. haha

Our Closets
Our Bathroom:
Note: The rugs in the Bathroom and Kitchen are missing from pictures since they were getting washed at the time.

And thats it! Our first home. :) Now i can finally check this off my "Wait forever to complete" "To Do" list.


  1. I <3 you. Also, your newlywed stuff is way nicer than ours was!

  2. You can make some yellow artwork for behind your bed :)

    Also each picture in this post gets progressively prettier. You have a beautiful life. We sure miss you at the C of I but it seems like you've moved on to bigger and brighter things.

  3. I love it so much!! It's amazing! Thank you for the tour AND the pictures!!


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