Updates GALORE!

Lots and lots has been going on at our little home. Halloween came and went, so did Thanksgiving and now we are looking Christmas time straight in the face! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I posted some info about whats been going on lately since we have be stinking at keeping this up to date. 

Tons of crazy stuff happening, but its all GREAT! :)  Wish us luck! Being away from each other for a good 3 months is sure gonna test our sanity. But we're ready.


  1. You guys have had a lot going on! When Ben's gone come on over! I hope it's not your gal bladder, but if it is you can move in with us for a few days while you recover!

  2. I don't know who this Amy girl is, but she's kinda shifty. Don't trust her. Come back to Caldwell. Ari has an extra bed. You can sleep there. We can sneak you into the caf. It's flawless...


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