School for the Sam-ster

So, this whole moving to another state when you only have a year and a half left of school thing has taken a HUGE toll on me. Being so close and then having to pause the whole process is so incredibly frustrating. But until we get to Utah i don't think its very smart to try and finish school. Out of state tuition is KILLER and we don't qualify for in-state tuition til August 2011. :/  So after many weeks of whining, I decided to look into some military programs for spouses. :)  I found the MOST amazing personal training program, and i got my plan accepted for the scholarship. They approved me for 6,000 dollars. and it cover the whole program. I'm getting my Master Trainer, and i am super excited. That way when we get back to Utah, I can work being a trainer and go to school.  It will help us save a BUNCH of money and definitely help Ben get to med school without completely killing us. ha I start the 7th of December, and then i just have to bust my butt getting it done before Ben gets off orders since the scholarship is only valid if i finish while Ben is active duty. Phew. That is going to be some hard work. But its totally worth it. 6 courses in 4 months? I can do it!

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