Bye Bye Benji :(

We had originally counted on Ben leaving for training no sooner than the end of January or February, but it ended up working out that he leaves TOMORROW, for 3 weeks to complete SERE training. He gets back the 18th of December and then leaves for flight school in Ohio the 2nd of January.  He will be gone for all of January for flight, and then all of February for ground school. So basically he will be gone for 3 months with a week break for Christmas. Holy crap am i worried. But at the same time I am SO so relieved we will be able to get it all done with sooner rather than later. So thats a plus side. Right? ha I'm just so excited for the 18th to come, so we can go home for a week :) We both miss our families like crazy! So tomorrow the countdown begins!

1 comment:

  1. I don't know how you do it, but I REALLY hope the time goes by fast! Both of you stay safe and good luck with school and everything else! Feel better soon Sam!


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