Updates GALORE!

Lots and lots has been going on at our little home. Halloween came and went, so did Thanksgiving and now we are looking Christmas time straight in the face! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I posted some info about whats been going on lately since we have be stinking at keeping this up to date. 

Tons of crazy stuff happening, but its all GREAT! :)  Wish us luck! Being away from each other for a good 3 months is sure gonna test our sanity. But we're ready.

Bye Bye Benji :(

We had originally counted on Ben leaving for training no sooner than the end of January or February, but it ended up working out that he leaves TOMORROW, for 3 weeks to complete SERE training. He gets back the 18th of December and then leaves for flight school in Ohio the 2nd of January.  He will be gone for all of January for flight, and then all of February for ground school. So basically he will be gone for 3 months with a week break for Christmas. Holy crap am i worried. But at the same time I am SO so relieved we will be able to get it all done with sooner rather than later. So thats a plus side. Right? ha I'm just so excited for the 18th to come, so we can go home for a week :) We both miss our families like crazy! So tomorrow the countdown begins!

School for the Sam-ster

So, this whole moving to another state when you only have a year and a half left of school thing has taken a HUGE toll on me. Being so close and then having to pause the whole process is so incredibly frustrating. But until we get to Utah i don't think its very smart to try and finish school. Out of state tuition is KILLER and we don't qualify for in-state tuition til August 2011. :/  So after many weeks of whining, I decided to look into some military programs for spouses. :)  I found the MOST amazing personal training program, and i got my plan accepted for the scholarship. They approved me for 6,000 dollars. and it cover the whole program. I'm getting my Master Trainer, and i am super excited. That way when we get back to Utah, I can work being a trainer and go to school.  It will help us save a BUNCH of money and definitely help Ben get to med school without completely killing us. ha I start the 7th of December, and then i just have to bust my butt getting it done before Ben gets off orders since the scholarship is only valid if i finish while Ben is active duty. Phew. That is going to be some hard work. But its totally worth it. 6 courses in 4 months? I can do it!

Doctor stuffs.

The first week of November I had a doctors appointment to ask about some stomach pains i have been having since the beginning of the summer, to see if there was anything i could do about it. Turns out, the doc. thinks its my gall bladder. So began the LONG process that is trying to get an appointment with tricare. I waited 3 weeks for an ultrasound,  I had the ultrasound on Wednesday, then i have to wait another 3 weeks to get the results. So i guess we'll find out what the problem is in 3 weeks. :/ I HATE Tricare. 
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