Welcome to the Heder family!!!

Well, Ben and I decided that we were finally ready for a new addition to our little family. (yeah, its been 43 days.... what can i say, we move fast. haha)
We researched online and decided we couldn't get a big dog because we didn't want him to be stuck in a small apartment. Later we also found out that we can only have a dog up to 25lbs in our complex.
We found a few puppies we liked and started calling around.
We finally decided on a cute little terrier/pom chi mix. :) and off we went to go see him!

Cute huh? haha
 He freaked out a little while we were driving home. ha He whined the whole way. But it was still cute. :)
We decided to name him Boss, Boss Danger Heder.... i know... its awesome!

 We finally got him home, and ever since then he has been the best little puppy EVER. :)  He is getting so good at potty training, and I love how excited he gets when Ben comes home. Its ADORABLE :) 
Welcome to the family Boss, WE LOVE YOU! :)


  1. Awe! I LOVE all the pictures!! But I have to ask you, now that you've had him for a little while, does Ben ever come home and get excited to see him first..and then you get jealous? I always thought I would. I LOVE the new puppy though!!


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